2024 Elections and the excitement bankruptcy!

2024 Elections and the excitement bankruptcy!
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Call me idealistic all you want, it’s okay! But I believe in mass energy shifts.


I believe that we are organisms that can attain a collective state of agreement. And above that, I believe and champion this mental and socioeconomic state above all else.


I am convinced that if we were in tune with this energy, then parties and politicians wouldn’t beg us for votes. They’d cease to exist, making way for something more suitable for the new state of mind.


Yes, I am a universalist.


And it is not a far fetched ideal.

After all, we share all else except for views about life.

We share the air we breathe, the eyes we gauge through, the standard senses, similar night and day patterns, etc.



No party can solely address such monumental national issues, although some can reach a larger consensus(of approval) than the rest.


Perhaps that is what we are in need of right now, I mean more favourable parties. Granted that they can stick to their word!


But if you couldn’t hold yourself under scrutinizing circumstances, then how could party officials?

It must be reiterated just how tough life is, despite our detestment of that fact.


It must also be admitted just how porous decisions can sometimes get.



All politicians are following a trail of some sort, and each has a big stake in the outcomes of this year.


Yet, here we are, voting them in!

Here we are having to choose one over the other(s)! Having to put into power another individuals vision in an ever confusing world.


Half of the time we do not do thorough homework. And when we do, then we exercise a faith which is unheard of, with regards to holding it strong that these people do not change their minds. Else risk flushing our ‘X‘ down the drain.


We have to contend with all this, and there does not appear to be any reprieve.


But I did not write this to encourage you to vote for this or that, to go this or that way!


I personally believe that doing your bit does not always involve affiliating with parties, despite that producing complications of its own.


It is the small things, such as community work, and other neutral gestures that don’t seek allegiances!


Many people are abstaining from voting this year. Not because they choose not to, but due to resonance issues!

Life is not about the governmental sometimes, although the governmental could at times lend at the goal.


Life has to play itself out, or as some would say, remember itself! Relive itself!


Yet for some us, we wish this period was over already, it is very perplexing; although necessary’ish?


Everything is a fight and struggle. And we are taught that this is the basic premise of life; to struggle!



But which God would accept that? Or continually accept that?

Our minds, bodies and thoughts are polluted, and we are struggling to win them back!


On the other hand, we are faced with the grim reality of aging, and the possibilities of failing to self actualise, thus propelling forward a new narrative.


We vote because we don’t know what else to do[half of the time], and we hope that other people will help us remember, help us empower ourselves. Then forge a space of shared empowerment that ultimately rekindles our roots and the higher levels of thought that we once held!


I am not excited about this years elections, but I will delve into the festivities afterwards as a form of celebration for/of life!


Because this is not just about me, or you. We are trapped in a story that we have to play, until our time is up.


And at this time, the story is not very interesting. But we move it anyways!


Nothing is ever forgotten, and especially not this period, unless we wish to relive it!


To politicians, may the best win! For me my energy will go where there is maximum appreciation and yield for it!





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    I’ve come across many blogs, but this one truly stands out in terms of quality and authenticity Keep up the amazing work!

    • Hloni

      Quality responses and the layout is superb.

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