Africa 101: As seen by an African!

Africa 101: As seen by an African!
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Africa; or so it’s called!


There are people in this world who seek to label everything that is in front of them. The reasoning behind this is unclear, but it ultimately benefits them.


But not for long!


Before talking about Africa, we must first acknowledge what the indigenous people call(ed) the continent. 


What the locals called the continent is not obvious. However, there were names for the various kingdoms found all around!


Kush, Kemet, Benin, Mapungubwe, Masvingo ruins, Timbuktu, Sungbo’s Eredo, etc., were born two hundred thousand years ago amongst wandering people with modern brains. They were bound to come by Africans.


As already alluded to earlier, foreigners sought to label the continent. They even went as far as to try to exclude Kemet(KMT) or Egypt from the continent.

They fashioned an imaginary line that they assumed would divide today’s Sudan to Egypt, but it didn’t. 



Africans are roamers and have always been. We know Africa in nuanced ways. 


What do borders mean to Africans?


It is increasingly evident that they mean little.

Actually, they disturb excellence and trade.

They disturb the re-emergence of the central continent.


African art and architecture is palpable. This one is simplistic.
African art and architecture is palpable. This one is simplistic.



The world will continually learn from Africa.


Here at home, we are proud of our stories, and we have tons of them—tales from the desert and of life pre-Sahara.


We have accounts of the first people who embarked through the Great Lakes into North Africa and subsequently elsewhere.


In Africa, you can stumble upon trees that carry writing, art, or any message of antiquity, and it was crafted onto it by our esteemed, history-filled ancestors.


Today, it is known that beneath the Sahara lies stories, pottery, jewelry, housing, clothes, skulls, animals, and a plethora of stories yet unveiled. 


The oldest stories likely known to humankind. A grand tale of Africa before Kemet, but After the dispersal from the Great Lakes.




This is the home of the mitochondrial eve.


Africans are easily the most fascinating people on earth; why?

Because of genetics, of which we have the highest variation of any continent. 


For instance, The so-called pygmies(offensive, in my opinion) are people that have the oldest surviving human genes anywhere on earth. 


And they are not the only ones, as over five of these beautiful people are known.



However, that is a foreigner’s rendition of who these people are.


They live in a varied environment in Africa, from the central rainforest to the semi-arid Kalahari. And they are afforded respect and understood by Africans because they are, in the end, Africans.


In many ways, they are the conveyors of truth that invented boats, aircraft, and so much more, as evidenced in our art.






Welcome to the home of the Gorilla.


Why is no one giving praise to the Gorilla? It is one of the most beautiful primates ever. Hollywood loves making movies about it!

Perhaps Africans should remember the rich primate and other wildlife at its corner.



Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei) silverback in Susa group, Rwanda(WWF)



The land of the mega-mega animal biosphere which parallels that of its people.


Ok, this is a no-brainer. It’s clear that people pay top money to experience our safari; there is none like it in the world.


In reality, Kenya or Tanzania, albeit the mecca, are not the only animal-viewing zones. 

If you do not believe me, then look into Kruger Park, Okavango Delta, Namib-nauklift, and so much more.


This is me only referring to Savannah and open land dwelling Animals. The forests and deserts carry a diversity of their own.


Africa is a bio-zone of epic proportions, unparalleled, except in a few domains by South America’s Amazon and Asia(particularly the Indian subcontinent). 


These places, however, are not as extensive in their life forms as Africa.


Australia is another interesting place, but nowhere near.



Africa - Magic of Ngorongoro!
Africa – Magic of Ngorongoro!



The land of the Kemetic Pharaohs, who are thought of as different from the Kushites!


Maybe they were! If depictions are to go by.

However, they were all related and obviously exchanged culture and DNA. The Kemites were, and still are, present today in so-called ‘Sub-Saharan’ Africans- another label.


Kemet and Kush need no introduction. They are big players in the psyche of our modern civilization.

But it does not end there, and I will extend on it.


But, for now, let’s unpack what makes Kemet(ancient Egypt) so appealing!


Firstly, ancient Egypt was an advanced society; period!


From Chad and the Great Lakes to Sudan, archaeologists are constantly uncovering the beauty that this Nile civilization truly had. 


African Archaeologists need to strengthen their efforts in uncovering this, their history!


Kemet is spectacular; it is just bare to see.



From medicine, ships, pyramids, maths, science, botany, gods, balance, wellbeing, astronomy/astrology, writing, sailing, flying, building, jewelry, clothing, governance, and everything else, virtually – This Nile civilization reminds us that history is just being rewritten, in so many ways.


These people have already noted down so much of life that we are still uncovering what they knew, also using it as our own(from a Western viewpoint).



The Kermites and Kushites.
The Kermites and Kushites. (Notice the Wheel)



From the Benin Empire (modern-day Benin, Ghana, Nigeria) and extending to Mali and virtually across the Sahara, they left evidence of who they were.


This particular empire is incredible, as witnessed in its artifacts, constituting a part of global(mainly European) heritage.


You witness neckrests, carpets, chairs, pottery, water dispensers, drilling machines, finely carved statues, sculptures, masks, and so much more that narrate a story of a deeply nourished civilization.


A civilization whose grounding in Nature is evident today amongst the Dogon, and earlier, the Kemites.


African art not only leads European museums but also their buildings and design style.


Much of Europe also had its foundation come from the ‘Moors,’ an advanced remnant of Egyptians who(under Muslim association) conquered Spain and left a permanent structure that would later trickle into modern-day Europe.


New kingdom pottery, found in the eastern Sahara.
New kingdom pottery was found in the eastern Sahara.




Africa is the first in many, many ways, yet Africans never drive this down people’s throats.


Here are a few:

  • Firemaking.

  • Agriculture.

  • Pastoralism. 

  • Governance.

  • Tool making.

  • Cooking.

  • Storing food(earliest fridges). 

  • Trading.

  • The wheel. (It is all over Africa; see for yourself)

  • Clothing.

  • Language.

  • Writing.

  • Numbering, subsequently maths, and science.

  • Art, art, art, as well as arts and culture.

  • Culture, traditions, and faith.

  • Cutlery and jewellery.

  • Sailing

  • Metallurgy

  • Underground tunnels. (Evidenced in the Sahara, most prominently in lower Egypt)

There are many, and I share many more on my other blog: Africa re-emerging amidst decades of lies.


There are so many inventions by Africans that it now blurs or invites the question of who-really-did-what in this world.



Nabta playa - one of the oldest gps in the world!
Nabta playa is one of the oldest GPS in the world!




This is the land that came before religion, but also the home of religion.


Africans, deep in the heart of the continent, are a religion to themselves. Their finely woven attitude to their environment is awe-inspiring.


Although the ‘West’ tries to label them(like they label so many things) as primitive. Yet, they are the first to study their significance inside the secret societies they hold.


It’s hypocrisy to label people as primitive yet study their ways of life in the efforts of strengthening your own.


American secret societies are based on Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Mayan, West African, and Sub-Saharan African knowledge(amongst others). And they have looted and kept for themselves some of the finest writings and art from these regions. It’s their religion. 

But some also traded something for these objects; trading was extensive historically!



I have been listening to them. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to listen to their sessions.

Respected people in their societies adorn them, and they discuss the ancient world(including all the above-mentioned) as the foundation of their societies.


The concept of Good and Evil was already well understood by Kemites, even before they settled along the Nile.

They mention that a person must be able to embrace both sides of themselves to be complete, and one can’t exist without the other.




Africa is a world endowed with mineral resources.


Africans like Mansa Musa(amongst others) presented the precious minerals to the world to see. Precious jewelry and everyday house itineraries were traded with the near world.


And it invited the near world to devise a way to penetrate this continent subsequently.




We are a world also endowed with land.


The plants that grow here are enough to feed the continent, with a surplus to export.


This is not a continent ravaged by unpredictable weather patterns. However, it’s made to appear as if it is.




Africa is the sun’s favorite continent.


The sun hits Africa with more ferocity than anywhere else, embedding its nutrients into the soil in highly nuanced ways.




Africans already know everything!


All of modern humanity’s deep history lies solely in Africa until eighty thousand years ago or so.


Africa truly has layers upon layers of deep history.


For hundreds of thousands of years, we have known who we are as manifestations of one source.


We are all one, and we could derive any technology, invention, and inspiration from that… And we did.


I believe we are devolving in many ways, and a big chunk of our history lies in museums for us to revisit. 


The things we know, or the things the world is trying to discredit us for, are all our own!


For hundreds of thousands of years, we have been shaping our environment. And that information is not ready to be unveiled as yet.




The land of Mosi-oa-Tunya(The thunderous smoke) – Also known as Victoria Falls.


In reality, Africa has a rich collection of mind-blowing environmental(geographic) formations.

But being that this one has been asking me to post about it, I decided to do just that. I will allow the image to speak for itself!


Africa: Mosi-oa-tunya - a wonder of the world.
Mosi-oa-tunya – a wonder of the world. Credit (




Even Asians, Europeans, and Americans can see the fabrication in all of this.


History has not been told by its old authors but by its new authors. Who, in many ways, have misconstrued the significance of these artifacts, the people, and their history.


Yet, they have derived who they are from this history.


If you see Pharaohs in British museums, then simple logic should tell you that these were Africans from which the ‘new world’ derives.


However, the ‘new world’ concept is vague and pointless.

There is no such thing as ‘the West’ or ‘China/Asia’ as standout behemoths of history! Adding to that monopoly of intelligence.




Everything is just a continuation from one culture to the other.


Therefore, the concept of the old world (Africa, South America, and parts of Asia) is distasteful and untrue since those cultures preceded the one we live in.


Despite the internet, this society is similar to the ancient ones, only more coherent worldwide. Or so I thought!



Sorry, warlike tendencies and war-mongering do not spell coherence.




Europeans, Asians, and all the world’s population morph into Africans, but never the other way around.


It is viable to say that Africans touched the breadth and width of this world.


They arrived in the Americas waay before ‘the other guy’, and they left fiercely debated evidence. Or evidence that people are simply unwilling to credit us for. 


Either way, it does not matter because they carry our culture in their earliest ancestors, but in themselves too, despite their lighter, over the years adapted complexion.


The same is true for a plethora of Africa’s deep history that runs the entire world, and the world is yet unready to reconcile with it.


They are unready to reconcile with Africa, and eventually morph into it. 



However, this will happen!


You can’t stare at history and unquestion it infinitely.




The reality is that Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and so forth, are the modern rendition of society, not its first nor its most advanced.


If you are in America today, slightly confused about what your ‘people’ did, then study the history they do not want to teach you about who the first Americans were, as well as what they left.



America is simply a society being rewritten, although unsuccessfully.



From the Mexicans being left out of their native land by borders(which can never succeed), the so-called West is constantly highlighting their inferiority and their insignificance in the scope of life.


And their time is almost over now. The Mexicans will eventually trickle into their native land. But above that, they, too, will reconcile with the people who came before them in all of America.





Africa will be the center of globalization because it will be the glue that binds people together, from East to West; it is their shared heritage. And these useless borders or a sense of superiority over other people, driven by ignorance, will perish.


History is returning to Africa, and everything starts in and is Africa!

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