Businesses are designed, failproof or not.

Businesses are designed, failproof or not.
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The buzzword in business these days is ‘failure’. People utter: Oh, but what if this or that? Or, Will I recover from this? And so forth.


And I understand!

Nobody wants to fail. But we should ask ourselves what failure truly is. What determines failure? Is it a mindset? Is it what we see in temporary defeats?



I apologise; I am writing about my learnings from books and people. And I would like to share something!


Here is a brief summary of what I have deduced from my learnings. ONE: failure requires redefining, and TWO: someone needs to do the damn job.


Think of it this way: you have a big idea in your mind and are aware of your aptitude to fulfil this task, but you have other doubts crawling into your sphere. So, what then?


Someone needs to do the job, right?

And you are serving a ton of injustice by neglecting this duty, right?


Over there is a lady in a wheelchair, she is struggling with mobility, and you acknowledge this, don’t you? You also feel very sympathetic to her. But on that breath, you see a solution to her crisis and the feasibility of this project!


And yet, when you arrive home, you will talk yourself out of it. Some fifty per cent(unverified) of people do this.



This brings me to the second point, giving up becomes likely when a person who wants to engage in the business searches for a solution but is unwilling to play the game of business. 


In other words, if you want business success, but aren’t willing to be a businessperson, then you are like a gambler. You are gambling in business, and have staked your entire trust in the success of one objective.


Here are your basic stats: People that see entrepreneurship as a culture, almost as their alter ego if you like, are less likely to fail. Will they make flops, and huge ones at that, from time to time? YOU BET THEY WILL!


But because it is who they have allowed themselves to become, they will likely persist in whatever this is. 


Now, with this new framework or perspective, we have removed the scare out of failure. 

A wise man said: You fail when you stop pursuing.
To trim it further, you fail first in your mind, then materially. There is one failure that we all cannot avoid, and that is dying before our goals materialise.
But outside that, our goals remain largely attainable.


Jocko Willink calls life a game. In a sense that it has rules and structure, and we have to play it.
Here is the reality, deep-intention is crucial when playing this game. It becomes hard to forget about what remains deeply nested at the core of our hearts, a sort of obsession. And that remains one of our finest drawcards in this game.
The other is a stellar culture and ethic about life.


Businesses are designed, and you should design as many as possible(take pleasure in doing so)—Failproof or not. Nothing has to be failproof in this world, although our ego will never accept that. But this is what reality is teaching us. 



Which is why we invented ‘big-picture thinking‘.

We will have small losses seasonally, and we will have tons of them. And that is a fact!
But we must leverage on our intensity, obsession and desire for a certain reality for ourselves for it to make its way to us. 


Small losses really shouldn’t matter. Think of them as part of this fantastic game. How we leverage our mind and intuition will determine whether we lose the bigger game, which is tightly liked to whether we lose the game of our life.




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