Everyone of us is now grey-ish!

Everyone of us is now grey-ish!
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The inspiration.


This morning I woke up, activated my personal computer(pc), made some tea, and settled for work.


The first thing I did on my computer was to run Google Maps and zone in on an area that interests me; Johannesburg!

I quickly realised how confused the city looked from above. And how much so this may continue to be.


Let me explain.


South Africa has demarcations, which are: Towns, Townships and Squatter areas.



The two have overlapped so much today that they act as a unit.


The reality is that the two spaces(Towns and Townships) used to be in contrast to each other. The former being resourced and functional, and the latter lesser so.


So, in the spirit of contrasts, imagine the Towns having a white label and the latter a black label.


But now, fast forward three decades, and we have mixed the two up and birthed a grey area.


And the manifestations are.

  1. Varied people co-exist.

  2. The fearful people are moving ever close to the fringes of society.

  3. The former township men are the gatekeepers for peace and stability(Although this is not officially deemed so).

  4. And so on and forth.

The reality is that everyone is vying for the top places, but no one for the bottom.


The rich and poor, side by side!
The rich and poor, side by side!


In London, you have hyper-affluent and hyper-impoverished (crime-riddled) areas. Also true for New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Lagos, Rio and many other cities that have infused industry with socialism. 


However, the poor are pushing the middle class, and the middle are pushing the rich.

This means that wealthy areas increasingly install burglar doors, gates, and high walls.

And the most fearful are contemplating the prospects of relocating elsewhere.


Being elsewhere where their gains can’t be touched nor distributed unfavourably. 


But the shocker is that you can only hide for a while, so better change the policy to incorporate everyone. 


The selfish rich behave like a mafia in that they are absurdly self-absorbed. And they believe that they exist in a vacuum.


Enough about them. 


Let us discuss the grey people, or as they say, the recipients of democracy and freedom. 


These people make the world ever more perplexing. This means that they are erasing past injustices and inventing new ones. They are the proponents of a new order, but they are not without fault.


In Cape Town, we have a vast community of mixed-race people. And it is asserted that the former settlers(mostly; English, Dutch, and French) had an insatiable appetite to procreate with the women(mostly; AmaNguni, AbaNtu, Khoi, San, Indian(Introduced) and Malays(Introduced)) they found on this land.



Understanding the motifs of men, this is plausible. 


But today, we have a large nation of mixed people who were born as a result, and they are a rainbow. 


They are the activists for grey by default. They are also grey biologically!


They bridge two worlds that have held divisions for years despite living on the same land.


A man’s ignorance to foretell a future different from the current. Failing to understand that an evil administration is doomed to fail and is unsustainable.

And when that day comes, the roles might reverse. So precaution must be exercised.


None of that was seen, and today, amidst prevailing tensions between the groups of people, we want to rely on the neutral to mediate.


We want the grey to mediate, and now that becomes the moving target in a world forever moving towards the top.


It says rich white people had nearly exclusive control of the world’s resources. And now that the other demographics are closing ranks, a reliance on confusion (grey) is invented. Since it is neutral, recent and oblivious to past injustices.


The past has always had Black-on-black violence, then Black-and-white, White-and-white, and only a bit more recent, everyone else.

But Black and White’s violence has held the loudest siren.


And I don’t believe we can ignore that forever.


The score can never be settled.


We are bound to revisit the history books, no matter how greyed out our lives has become.


And this will lead to people negating some of their identity, biological modifications and so forth!


And it will appear as if the world’s rulers have decided it to be so; meanwhile, it’s just a consequence of the injustices of life. It’s life playing itself out!


As people, we disdain ‘losers’, and if we have their DNA inside us, we will end up hating ourselves too. So a different story must be told!


Now it becomes an expensive exercise for the rich of ill-gotten gains to stay at the top with people remaining silent. They can only achieve this with violencebribery and forgery!




Like South Africa, the United States has an ever-growing grey, which is now in epic propositions, and the new norm. 

Everyone is now grey-ish because most of us are intermingling(interchanging).

And our beliefs, views, etc., are forever changing and warping.


Today, amidst tension in South Africa, Europe and America, you will see everyone(of all colours) mobilising together for a course. And that will keep the grey area forever present, including having children born from such circumstances.


Gone are the days when the world was purely white and black or mostly black(dark-toned). So perhaps that state of life was also never meant to last, as with everything.



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