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Are you eager to learn Android Development? Or are you more of a flutter person? Or why not just kill two birds with a single stone? Welcome to JJurrius’s course. This man was my lecturer during my varsity years, and he is a very eloquent teacher with a very defined tone.

Find him here:


But before you do, study the video below to determine whether this material is for you!

Jjurrius YouTube channel

I should add that the language used in this setting is Java for Android Development. However, Java is rapidly becoming a legacy language, and the standard for Android mobile development is now Kotlin. Kotlin is a lightly typed, redundant free language developed by Jetbrains and built atop the Java Virtual Machine(JVM). This means that you can write code in Java and export it to Kotlin later. Or you can use both languages simultaneously.


Kotlin is designed as a solution for Android Mobile development by Jetbrains and currently enjoys healthy support from the tech community.


If you’d like to learn more about the Kotlin language itself, then look no further than on YouTube

Free Code Camp is my go-to page for everything code related. They touch every subject and every language.



Or if you are interested in any other content, then contact us, and we will direct you to the proper destination.

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