Have you heard of the Journey Kwantu?

the journey Kwantu
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Hello there, I hope you are doing alright.


Have you heard of a podcast channel called ‘the journey Kwantu‘?
If not, then you may be missing out.
Wow, I do not even know where or how to begin. Actually, I sound like the podcast host right now trying to figure out how to encapsulate his channel best, in the same way he does as he tries to unpack African and human spirituality.


This man is patient with his guests, and they reciprocate as well. He is very eloquent but not forced. He is original and deserves a lot of exposure. Also, his content is really important for many reasons, and who best to present it.


I will admit, I am writing this piece very hurriedly because our friend load-shedding is visiting me very soon(In 30 minutes). However, this host would take a different attitude to this, i.e. create when he can express his point most effectively. That would mean that he’d wait for load-shedding to play itself out.


Here he is: https://thejourneykwantu.co.za
Or on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7xt1NI7n6qEfLsWRWnu0wd
Anyway, my time is nearly up. I may come back to correct some typos or improve clarity, or maybe not. I have done the most crucial part; the rest is left to Amadlozi and beyond.
Guys, time to face the monster. Bye!


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