Hello, I must tell you, you’re being used!

Hello, I must tell you, you’re being used!
A man climbs a high mountain and lifts his arms up in praise
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Have you ever seen one of those images of Earth from space? If so, were you in awe?


For me, I was; let me explain!


Our world is the only one known(in our star system) that is hyper-designed for complex life.

Earth is not only suitable for life, but it is also a fortunate planet in so many ways.


One of the several forms of grace that it receives is protection from the disturbance that is constantly happening in our system. And its allies are, to name a few: The SunJupiter and our own Atmosphere.


Voila, Earth!
Voila, Earth!



Ever wondered why all of this is done for us free of charge? Or why are these planetary bodies playing so intricately with each other?

The answer is simple and profound; it is because a congress will be held sometime in the future, and only the highest forms of life will be awarded the virtue of life itself.


This congress will not exist in space or time as you’d imagine. Rather, it will be a culmination of the best-evolving life forces taking allegiance over the well-being of life itself!


All the world religions assert this, human intuition claims this, and mood and mind-altering herbs declare this. So why deny its validity? 


Mind you, these are human universals, the very few things we agree on in life. And all point to our higher selves, the future of our species!


Sometimes we need to agree that the human mind, beautiful as it is, is most detached from spiritual matters. We use the subconscious mind for that!

It is really our subconscious mind that needs nourishing!



Ponder about this, why would a creator exist if not to create? And why should the act of creation be assumed to correlate with divine intervention in Human affairs? Personally, I do not see that link up!


However, creation is a pure, blissful and powerful experience regardless of your denomination. Creation is the act of causing life to exist.

And life is inherently a net-positive outcome for any or all creators.


And by the same law, and due to entanglement, creation works with that life form until its very end.

But this follows certain laws, some of which we’ve begun unpacking!


For instance, it’s known that Energy, Frequency and Vibration are the language of life. And the outcomes are manifestationalignmentgrowthexertion of life, self-healing, miracles, exorcism and so forth.




But let us most along swiftly…

Here is the uncompromising news, YOU ARE BEING USED!


Ever wondered why people differ so drastically yet feed the same bowl of fish? 

And why would geneticists tell you that there is strength in diversity?


Listen, the game plan is quite straightforward and lies bare for you to witness!


Here it goes; You and I are vastly dissimilar because we are both high-energy, high-intensity experiments in the fields of energy and souls.


The conclusion of these experiments entails strengthening what works and destroying what doesn’t.


So you are a gamble of the highest magnitude. Think of yourself as a game of Poker, as well as the player! 

By virtue, you will eventually get the win, but how long this will take depends on you!


And there you were, a solitary person that you are. You believe that you are built tough and are a God. And, well, you are!


And the true Gods are most pleased with this, and such behaviour is rewarded in the following ways; 1. Your improved attitude and self-confidence.


Suddenly you find yourself heads and shoulders above some of your peers and feel empowered. Unfortunately, this is not meant solely for you and will be shared with the world via you.



There you were, your ego needing a jilt; you had to go share your successes with those you love, didn’t you?

But who do you suppose they love? See, that data which you shared now belongs to the world.


Such things are tricky to patent.



The truth is that we are all being used, and our differences are appreciated and rewarded because life needs as much data from a varied background as possible.

This accelerates its efforts to build an evolved environment for itself and its next batch of agents!


As for you, a God in your own right, there is something you should know, assuming that you don’t already know this— All those victories you are amassing are moving you closer to the ideal of the highest authority.


Highest realisation of life form.


And aside from you, micro-molecules are deployed in parallel to tune into your highest frequencies and record that blueprint on the sphere of life.


The blueprint is peculiar in that its immeasurable and omnipotent. It is a vessel of God, it is God in itself, and it was excreted by you.


We have misunderstood all this to infer that being highly evolved implies being dominant and competitive all the time. Yet that model leads to high depression and anxiety rates. It leads to loneliness, bitterness, revulsion and suppression.

And as with everything in this never-ending experiment cycle, it will not last.


Its proponents are Capitalists and so-called imperial globalists. They seek to destroy the world for their gain.


They live with a verbosity of security personnel and are so malicious to themselves and the world. It is unclear what the end goal of all this is. 





Bringing this conversation to a much more human level is vital at this juncture, so I’ll proceed as such.


Study the world and what Europe has provided so far, and predict the outcomes of such a society. Do the Same for Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. Then conclude on which model is the best solution in our next chapter as humans.


I can tell you it will not be tyranny, communism, capitalism and the like. It will be a model that can’t be defined intellectually, a model that our earliest ancestors lived by.


Please, do not try to sound pretty; it’s not a system of Hunter-gathering or bartering like your inference suggests.

Why would we revert to structures which we evolved out of? Where is the sense in that?


Creating fire for warmth or cooking is one of the most recognised aspects of hunter-gatherer culture!
Creating fire for warmth or cooking is one of the most recognised aspects of hunter-gatherer culture!



Then if not those, I say, then what will it be?


As I have alluded to, the English Language has yet to have a word for this.


But you could start by inventing a word that culminates the spirit of balance with nature(the plants), the lands, the environment, spiritual welfare, Ubuntu, the Animals and the air into one.

If you can invent such a word, then you have understood what is meant!


Because, as humans, we are disgusted and troubled by wars and imbalance; the vast majority of us.


And this is recent because industries are a recent thing on the human scale. Fortunately, we understand industry and capitalism and can safely say that it is an ineffective system.


For as much as humans seek to sail away from their primitive behaviours, they will also do the same for any broken systems that preach hate and competition at any cost.


And all of this is being jotted down.


Sure, the globalists will have their day of dominance, no doubt! But no everlasting outcomes will come from it, and they are shooting themselves on the foot here.


Because when you bring people together, you also unite their most vital qualities, the ones they have cultivated for millennia, and you install all of that in new offspring for future preservations.

And that can ultimately result in a powerful new conscience that no hate can stain.



Despite ‘human nature’, this remains a plausible hypothesis; all signs indicate a future where it’s the norm.


By the way, scholars have taught you that Africa is a primitive world with less evolved structures. But guess what? They are either wrong or grossly lied.

And more so, they are hateful, unfortunately for them.

Good riddance; if hate is not primitive, then I do not know what is. Some people have not used the mirror lately.



Africa is the world’s oldest civilisation and thus harbours life’s best-kept secrets.

Study Africa with an enquisitive mind, and you will understand the world differently.




I assert that, although imperfect, this continent has economic models that need to be mined and exported to every corner of the world. Because at least this way, the conversation between us and nature will re-awaken.


And creation will be at its peak again, in a long time!



What a mouthful.


Hey, do not be used, or!? Well, what does it matter anyways! Take care!




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