Is this software the promise for conversational AI?

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Good Afternoon.

Have you guys seen this new conversational AI software named chatGPT by openAI?

Think of it as an extra filtered form of Google search with additional perks of deep learning.

It allows you to input a message, and it would then respond with your query-aligned output.

Here is an example:

I requested the software to generate a poem for me, and it did. The poem may be familiar to many readers; however, that should not discourage your use of this software. It will surprise you with what it can build with an added twist of self-learning.

Here is another example where I requested knowledge about where I could buy stock in South Africa.

This software is incredible, and for budding data scientists, it is also open-source. You can find their stack on GitHub. Their API is also in the public domain.

For everyday users, visit their website and have fun. 

There is no limit to user usage, as it seems. However, if you want to build your stack using their APIS for commercial usage, then you may have to pay for every 1k tokens. 1k tokens are roughly 750 generated words.

Find them here

Or: here for just the ChatApp.

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