No stereotypes, only predators and prey

No stereotypes, only predators and prey
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Good day.


Today we live in a confused world full of senseless divisions with little reason other than some fat men profiting from the chaos.


I believe that our biggest weakness as individuals is our gullibility; it is an asset we should forfeit readily. It lies in the public domain, and those keen on it tap into and misuse it. As humans, we are constantly allowing ourselves to be violated this way.




And what usually happens is that we react by containerizing people and judging them collectively based on shared traits.
But have we ever asked ourselves whatever happened to supply and demand?


For instance, two days ago, I was mugged off my cell phone, bag and wallet. In that wallet were some of my most valuable documents. I pleaded with the thugs as they ran off and disappeared forever.
I was mad; it caught me off guard and changed the course of my day and beyond.


Now, what happened to me is enabled by the demand for such things. What I mean is that they likely sold the device immediately since the buyer was already awaiting it. They pawned my stuff! They then got their ‘fix’ and started on their next target.


I see the same thing when I think of politicians and some large businesses!



For instance, alliances between nations are a safety net to, or as a consequence of, the war and instability that countries pose on each other. Large ones want to conquer the others and keep them cooperating or threaten sanctions. What do they gain from this?


Simple answer: Loot!


In twenty-three, these people have no faces; they are white, they are black, and they are as opportunity comes to them.


The British used warfare in the fifteen-sixteen-hundreds to colonize what was out there. And they set forth laws that preserved that which they took.



But the next question now becomes: Do they serve the British people with those stolen resources? Are the rest of the like-minded nations doing the same?


I do not think so, but maybe slightly so.


The title of this post is Predators and Prey, so Let me delve into it a bit.


First, let me start by explaining what each term means in this context.


Predators are people or individuals who are either highly resourced or hold the key to something that people demand, and thus misuse their position to gain something unscrupulously.


Prey are the enablers, people who do little to rise above their condition and fight the predators who seek to exploit them.


It is as if both parties acknowledge each other and their roles in the matrix.



The only issue here? The predators amass all the wealth, and the prey all the stress.


I know I should not be referring to our species as ‘prey’, although we behave like some.


In the greater scheme of things, we must acknowledge or at least observe how the world unfolds; perhaps it’s all part of a greater plan. But it seems that the world is just how it is, and you and I can choose how we fit into this puzzle.


Just my two cents.




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