How the USA cherishes globalisation and how it benefits them.

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The mighty USA?

When the rest of us thinks of the USA, a powerful organized country comes to mind. We use the USA analogously for the entirety of North America. We believe America can veto any decisions against it and subdue the posing nations using witchcrafty techniques. It feels like we can do little against them apart from holding pillow talks and plotting in vain. We normally convince ourselves that Americans are really lovely people who aren’t very keen on taking over our dull worlds anyway. We are the ones going to them! We are the ones bothering them! But also, we are the ones that look like them, as far as I know. Native Americans, feel free to add your thoughts. Freedom is an American thing!

So far, Canada’s response has been similar. Vest in global talent, offer full Canadian citizenship and take it from there. But Canada’s strategy is not without onlookers. Those would be their neighbours, the USA.
After all, the USA is the ‘land of the free’, a country built by immigrants. A country governed by foremost democracy. A nation built on freedom. All of this goes with some delusion; of course, exercise yours.
But supposedly, what Canada can do, so can they. After all, they invented it. They may actually do it better because they are the USA. As for Mexico, their stance has not been made clear as yet.

Canada’s response

Canada is doing well enough, so well that it is reportedly a first-ten nation. The first tens are those countries that take the largest cake slices. They are the ones that talk first in the boardroom. My country, for instance, is only the 34th to speak or negotiate or do whatever is on the agenda. China is 2nd or sometimes 1st. Germany argues with Japan for the 3rd spot. Canada has secured the 9th spot. Any African nation? Well, sort of. They would be the USA, France and Canada.
By the way, when we get to speak, everyone else is disinterested at that point, also too exhausted to listen to the last carriages. Serious potholes start to impede the evening around the 19th speaker. Everything after is a pain, honestly. Word out to Latin America and Africa; make sure the USA, France or Canada puts on a solid for you.

News has trickled that the USA is also becoming browner every decade. Studies suggest that within half a century, that country will have Africanised or Latinized so much due to intermarriage and migrations. Either way, this continent will take it with delight, as we did when the first hominids(all of us) first evolved here. When I think of an America that virtually any educated person can work with, I remember the most African thing, Ubuntu!

Stopping the influx?

America remains a very sparsely populated region considering its size. Right now, I feel that a portion of their mission would be around amassing as much talent as possible. Hypothetically: The very talent would allow them to build ‘new lands’ if people were to overpopulate—the sort of thing Dubai is doing. I see a lot of funnelling potential for a country that big and magnetic; anything is on the cards. Where I come from, the taxman is specialized in collections but amateurish with transparency. So people have started amusing the possible relocation to the land of the free. A land where every hard-earned cent is allocated to a purpose. Mostly the ninth-rated one!

With relocation expenses a weeny issue, the best suffering they(future expatriates) would incur would relate to ethics. A promise of making their countries great again. But stuff has worsened so much as of late that people have started calling their losses. Have at least enough to buy that plane ticket! The last eventuality we need is you moaning about how the country took your flight from you as well.

For the poorer ones, I have learned of a place called Saskatchewan, in beautiful Canada; it’s a no-brainer. Only through freedom can one amuse freely, even for a land one has never touched.

On the other hand!

Building walls is expensive, limiting, and unsustainable. The most potent bulldozer is the people. They have proven that they won’t allow that style of imprisonment. When you close America from Mexico, then you’re also doing it the other way around. Imagine a coin with only one side. Yep, not a coin!

A big motivator for being an open-ended person should be the understanding that the future is open-ended. And once you’ve interacted with diverse people long enough, then you won’t see the diversity that much anymore. A country then becomes a soup much sooner than it thinks, and so it remains. Today you find people who identify with a nation before a race or ethnicity.

That is because there are many facets to a person. And it was never about race, some tried to make it so, but they failed. Initially, it was about surviving the wild plains as hunter-gatherers. Then it was about access to economic privileges. And now it is about something else, never about race. As a species, we got something right, which is to look out for ourselves(self-preservation). Preservation can have many forms, and done by anybody, anywhere. Today people are bonded more by nationality, and the access ticket is patriotism and respect for the rule of law.

We really do struggle

We don’t do well in filtering people to choose scoundrels from nots. So we should allow almost anyone in, anyone qualified. Your lack of analysis in this matter is yours and can only harm you. In means out, in the spirit of yin and yang. Americans are people who choose to identify with America.

In the greater scheme of things, life continues as usual! Your stance to continue in racism and divisionism only harms yourself and your family, ultimately yourself. If you want to know what perfume smells like on the other person, then you have to bring them closer, which Americans seem to do best.

Towards a liberated world.

Thanks for reading.

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