So, you’re a giver, what now?

So, you’re a giver, what now?
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Let’s face it, the world is a complicated place, and right now, it feels as though there aren’t any sanctuaries in it.



Q: Do you want to gain some quick stress? A: Then try to figure life out!

It is because life is so intricate that we seek the meaning behind it all. And, the reason why we invent meanings that are as obscure as obscurity itself, yet a remedy to ourselves, albeit temporarily.


Here is a thought; Life is interdependent. No experiences(of the same kind) are divorced from the other. Happiness succeeds despair and sadness and vice-versa. One makes sense only to the other. It’s called Duality.



This is odd; were you fibbed? Were you told that life owes you all/only the great stuff, the stuff of legends?
Have you ever wondered at what point this responsibility would be yours?
Have you ever asked when you and your ‘God‘ would reconcile and commit to working at solving your issues? 



Here is the most famous saying: there are three kinds of souls in this world, and they are ‘the Givers’, ‘the Takers’ and ‘the Hybrid’. And as if that were not enough, the understanding or those that surmise this saying also conclude that we are either born with those traits, or through willpower, gain them.


As if life was already not complex enough, now we must also contend with whether we were born to be so-and-so. So if I can’t give, does that imply I was born that way?


Meaning, is it a pact I signed with the devil and as a repercussion, ‘it‘ took away a portion of my mind responsible for helping me be a genuine giver?
Is it a question of Yin and Yang? Do some people need to be givers, whilst others are takers, and must this happen in harmony with each other?


Therefore, is life like a game of roles, and we must choose ours(or not)? And we must play it best as we can?


And if we lose, does death nullify everything?
Who wins if all our fate is the same and decided for us prior?




And if we are all subject to manifestations, does that not assume that we are victims of a senseless reincarnation riddled with ups and downs?
If you can see and measure manifestation in your life, then could your life itself be one?
If so, are you comfortable with the laws that govern in that dimension?
Laws which are lowkey managing you without your awareness and comprehension!
Are you okay with that?


If only there were more scope, then we would not need to be doing the work of creating some. I much prefer watching a sitcom right now!



The nice thing is that, as humans, we are incredibly versatile but stupendously ignorant. And that marriage is blissful.
Besides, the divorce courts are full!


It feels as though life awards the role you choose but always refuses to give you everything you need to be the best version of yourself.
So life does not want you to know everything, but if you do, then it does not want you to do everything with what you know.


Picture yourself, for instance; if you are a happy person, it’s probably due to cultivating a mind of gratitude and contentment, or something along those lines.
Because the former? If you can remember it? Was a time of great friction for you, when your mind was questioning everything and peace seemed unviable.


And this did not care whether you were a Taker, Giver, or ‘Hybrid’. It does not care. You may care, but it does not!
You may care because you are born to serve some purpose in this world, sometimes wrong, and the rest good(if it’s decided as such).
But you mostly care because it’s your role in this world; therefore, you tend to personalise it too much!
Whereas for ‘it’, it’s neither here nor there; its paradigm is not limited to a blue | green | brown planet. It has different laws to us!



And apart from coercing people to join your train of reality, you hope that the divinity(whatever that means to you) is also supposed to play along with you. Therefore you seek to coalesce the laws of the two paradigms into one to serve your purpose!


That’s all well and good until you don’t know which role to play! Of which, what would you expect the divinity to back up? Could you give it something, at least?



You call yourself a taker, and that is okay, but play that role.
Are you Hybrid? Then excel in that then!



But here’s a written law, never judge the other team simply because they are not wearing your jersey. We did not sign the same pact, remember?


The title deliberately mentions the act of giving since it induces empathy in most people.
People want to be known as givers! And maybe we all are, just not in the same manner!
So I chose a title that most people are comfortable with.


But! Why confuse yourself further than you already are by assuming you aren’t the other two, particularly on those other( specific days)? Let’s call them ‘days rather forgotten’.


But does that not make you a ‘Hybrid’?
Why battle with it?


Today we live amongst the ‘woke’. These people are more open to accepting many social quotas/norms.
But woke also implies enlightened, and isn’t everyone enlightened according to the pact with their God?
Therefore we are all woke! But that is not very interesting, is it?


Now I would like to address you, the giver! Let’s forget about the woke, as that will confuse us further.
Let’s talk about the giver, the one in you. The undeniable quality about you that you express around those you love, whoever they are – A time when you and your highest self are in unison
I need you to examine that emotion, how good it feels and put it in a system that allows you to experience more of it.
In other words, if we can feel good more, we cease trying to emulate others. Because our lives have a sense of rootedness, it has that foundation.


It needs to feel like you can export something to the world and to know that you can.


Well, of course, you can, and you are already.


Personally, I need readers in order to write more, and you need to read my or someone’s text to add to the value of their life.
So you and I are already in that form of engagement; we both are giving to each other.



But it does not end there. Our lives are still incredibly complex, and it seems challenges are our birthright. Those pretty boys are going nowhere soon.


So we must learn to accept that, at least. Still, I have mentioned one peculiar idea above, which is that if you can enter into your higher-self from time to time, then you have a good life, but you must learn to reset frequently as well. 


Because, for the most part, non-thinking is better than the opposite.
And it is not just ceasing from thinking but responding mindfully. It’s a mindful exercise!


So if you can be a still giver, then imagine what you could attain on the outside whilst also delving deep inside.


And as for that struggle you have with your mind? Nope, it’s sometimes okay; plus, your divine did not give you a way around it.
You have to deal with the challenges; more are coming, the stress factory has just expanded!
And they are meant for you, tailored for you; they will never leave.


They won’t leave even if you plead with them. They will leave but send back their nitwit cousins, and an endless supply of them. 
They are pests without a face and identity! They are countermeasures to our reality. Pertinent but annoying sisters and brothers who are there with us till time stands still. And beyond that!



And guess what? When you are conversing with God, then ‘they’ are invited by default to the discussion!
So we call them God as well; it saves us time!
It becomes a discussion between three dimensions of God, all conversing, asking for alignment with each other, and ceaselessness from folly!


So say ‘hi’ and fail forward every day. Nobody has it better; nobody can. Life is a game that we either all win or we all lose! So let’s lose it with satisfaction!



Oh no, I forgot to mention that since we are born questioning and severely constricted in how we manoeuvre the world, should we bother ourselves with the clutter?
The clutter that may quickly become as nonsensical as saying, ‘If only I had wings, then I’d fly with the birds!’.


Here’s a thought, or a cool t-shirt slogan, ‘Givers are resetters; those beautiful minds also need some rest‘. 
Fully giving and loving is the only non-negotiable we have with ‘God’, any other nonsense we are dealt. But those we choose. 


Yeah, that is what I meant to say earlier; we can choose in life, to an extent!


Bye, for now. I am off to reset, hopefully!




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