Tap water is blocking the purity of our energy!

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Tap water dripping.

To most, water is the most vital source of life, nutrition and overall well-being. That truth holds so tight and our dependence so undeniable that we seldom question the water we drink. The consensus is that water is good for us, regardless of where it may come from or what it has been through! But the reality is that tap water is likely more harmful than we had previously imagined!

New thought movements have summarised that a person comprises of an energy field. This field is a fundamental component of who we are. That is where we connect with the source of life.

But, tapping into this energy is complex; in fact, the manifestations of this energy are a rarity. So much so that this purity or elevated energy state is what many of us might deem ‘that once-in-a-lifetime happy moment’.

But why are we alien to this dimension of ourselves and rarely revel in its glory? Also, what can be done?

According to Buddhism, a simple life is the key. According to mainstream spirituality, a clean diet, intention, exercise, and meditation are favourable starting points.

However, there is one element that is the most vital in our quest for purity, water!

This everyday nutrition is critical for our well-being everywhere else. The issue is that water from the tap comes out filtered. And depending on the filtering process, our health can go from critical(blocked) to receptive(open). A blocked energy field struggles to manifest itself through us. We should help it in other for the reverse to also happen.

Water from the tap is almost undrinkable, least to mention sufferable. It may contain viruses, chemicals and an assortment of bacteria. Tap water should not represent water in its natural state.

It then becomes imperative for us to conscientise ourselves about the water we consume and with what frequency. I find that the safest water to consume is bottled one, although I have read that spring water is the safest. 

Nutritionists would offer tips and steps to follow at this juncture, and I will do the same. Consider consuming solely bottled water, if possible, water with a pH of around 8. Alkaline water helps bolster my energy field. It helps with clarity during my time of inner focus, which happens at a time when energy blockage would be met by great resentment.

Joe Dispenza claimed on a certain podcast that the human energy field is up to 3 meters wide. And I believe him, but not about the precise width of the area, as that will likely vary across people. But like him, I acknowledge the existence of such a field. And It brings me deep pleasure to learn the tricks that help me summon this at will.

And water is one of the easiest giveaways. But it is crucial to hybridise your water consumption, i.e. consume different water and find what works for you. When you arrive, this space should be evident to you by a perceived sharp mental alertness and focus.

That is the glory!

With water being an everyday element, we have become accustomed to certain moods and alterations it has brought into our lives. In other words, tap water has designed an energy normality that we perceive to be justifiable.

But normality should sometimes be disregarded; it does not always constitute safety and the best outcome. We may live our whole lives in this environment-induced normality, the birds of the same feather.

Normal is okay, but openness is the beginning of mysticism. Water is part of the solution.


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