Your one hour business muscle.

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Here is a fact, business is a journey. And here is another one; it likely won’t bring itself to you.


Most of us read about business titans and celebrities and the opportunities that found them. We call them geniuses or people inbred with natural abilities to spot opportunities. It seems they somehow have a natural business muscle, and perhaps that’s their story in this life!


But what we fail to note on is how we can afford them their five minutes and move on to cultivating our own spirit of business muscles. We, too, are capable but have yet to forge a culture that will enable us to win. We have not put forth that one-hour-a-day muscle to cultivate a business spirit.


That it is okay to notice other individuals, but should not shun our own story since it’s as, if not more important. The first being a mindset shift. That here lies an opportunity for growth more critical than scaling a seven-figure business.


There will always be an issue if we look at companies such as Facebook or Oracle and see their success stories and see our own reality as contrary.


Here is the truth, the world has winners and losers. That’s the truth.

However, it is the most deliberate people that are the most fascinating. People who may not necessarily have been born into opportunity but go out to make some.
These people are the true Titans, no offence intended.


Let’s face it, we all want to build the next unicorn in the business sphere and own a large chunk of the market in doing so. We can see it and can sometimes actualize how it would look and feel to have such. And that is great, and Goodluck in achieving that.


However, I am now speaking to those needing clarification about this whole business thing. Those who may perceive any business that is not on the scale of a TikTok to be a failure. Or as an inconsequential business. I once was that guy!


I will advise you against that mentality, obviously.

Because business is a journey and it is fun. Business is also an umbrella term for having fun whilst helping people out. And it is something that everyone should participate in.


Think of how many startups you’ve had previously. See? You got this!
Mines were a stall, Internet Cafe, a small I.T studio and a printing house. And they were all deeply rewarding and easy to set up.


If it is easy to set up, it will also likely be rewarding to the brain since it may not be as stressful. It is called a ‘lean’ approach.


One thing I love about business is that it does not require an inborn skill to operate. For Leadership, sure, but not necessarily for business.
Just be sociable for the most part.


It is about the culture. And that is what it remains about. That is the business muscle. Just start with one hour!




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