A rapture in the space of mind.

A rapture in the space of mind.
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Listen instead.

It is a beautiful Saturday morning at the fair, and everyone is out. Today’s colours are out of this world; the event has equal amounts of laypeople and scholars, and there is 
so much to study.
Could the palette of the curious be any more filled?
A loudspeaker is banging at a high volume, and it appears the person behind it is having a fest of her own. Children run in circles as though to assert their compliance with the day’s chaos. 


The day’s progression appears to enforce the separateness of everyone, all blended into their activities, yet unified inside a single yard.


Have a blast, you curious mind, study the patterns and celebrate the beauty of life. But understand that people do not need your intervention or judgment today. All is perfect as is, perceived mistakes or not!
In an ocean of infinity, what are mistakes anyway?”–Question by some unknown smart guy – The Satoshi Nakamoto of this kind of topic.



People’s direction is led by children. Those youthful spirits are governed by their parents but also do the governing themselves.


Okay, who knows what they are doing today?
I suppose there has not been a more viable time to clarify that children do, indeed, govern their parents. So do the cats and dogs, which are also present at the fair. They, too, rule the humans today and forever. This is evidenced by the trauma of separation, i.e. humans pledging never to own pets again because their short lives leave behind immense scars.


How brilliant was the card magician fooling so many people in such an intricate way? And the physicist spectator, calling it all a bluff yet failing to sway the public mind onto the ship of her disapproval.


Our inability to look beyond our limitations, as evidenced by the physicist noting it as karma when a ball struck the magician on the head, is unnerving. It disorientated him for some seconds.


The depth of that disapproval | the shrewdness of soccer skills from the kicker | the frenzy of the person behind the speaker | and the sinister intention of the magician; phew, it seems the ledger will be full after today.


Frolic, have fun, but we’re selling, runs the speaker.
An array of adults are now also frantic. Some really needed to be here; they did.
It reminds me of a video that I saw showing the hippie party scene of the sixties and all those souls thrust into spirituality because psychedelics removed all walls around them and left them questioning who they really are. Thus, the Wu lineage was born, primarily employed in China. It started as who(as in who am I?), but as it travelled to China, it lost the ‘h’ and replaced the ‘o’ with the ‘u’.


For a long time, ideas and deviations have been borrowed from one society to the other. And all of that had been diligently recorded on the ledger, as it does today.



Q: What are the implications of all of this? 
A: Diversity!
It is all about diversity, right? The energy loves different slides, musings and idiots; it really adores idiots.


Being idiots, we learn how our shared contributions help make this day much more colourful. Without this, we’d have to be multi-dimensional and able to tickle all the fancies of everyone at play, but the source of life is quite selfish with that. That should not discourage us from banging, though!


All of these intense emotions are what it’s about. They build intensely rigid systems in the fabric of the mind and space-time that are much harder to break. They’re the building block of life itself via a progression of genes that carry those activations to the next generation.


When they asked the young lady what she wanted more after ice cream, she said she wanted to play with her new friends- Supposedly to relive the incarnation of her highest heart.


When people are angry, they show their true colours, but when they are happy, they become themselves.
Alas, some people hollered that the divine energy is beautiful and pleasant, and here we are, witnessing tinctures of that.


Hence, everyone should please be themselves and work on building their nest today. 


We would like to see the rupture, meaning the highest level of human expression that results when people are endowed full custody of themselves.


Wow, you talk too much; maybe you should be a motivational speaker, asserts the friend that I am with. It dawned that all this time, I had been speaking out loud. I guess I enjoy seeing the human potential.


My only issue is that I give it(excitement) a nature, either sexual or not. Then I beg for the recessive genes to pull that wickedness out of the inheritors of my genes.


Fortunately for me, I have built a solid will to refrain from impulsive living(to an extent). Or it could just as well be the life that I’ve chosen.


Despite life rewarding life, it’s our task to continue improving ourselves. The ledger keeps noticing all of this. Do it even when it hurts; you know it’s important, albeit not evident.
We are left with absolutely thrilling awareness when we can remove the impulsiveness or agitation.


Coupled with scripts that enhance the spirit of oneness, we can’t help but appreciate it all without trying to enforce separation.


And then, we become it; once we acknowledge the oneness, we become one and maintain the legion of oneness despite our differences.


And all of that is documented, alongside all that is happening at this fair today. The memory drive of life is infinite but not crazy, as they’d like us to believe.


The source is a master at the skill of overwriting. Changing old habits for new ones, particularly when the combined energy hints at that. We remember the old, yet cease to relive it!


The broadened experience is fun, but someone needs to start preaching unification even if they find other people’s actions deplorable.


It is great to move away from certain behaviours, as criminals would assure us that they may cease their ways if they had more positive survival intel and a better environment.


Everyone wants it; at least ninety-five per cent of us do. We want the rupture to happen. A space whereby people are fulfilling their potential and, in that way, contributing towards the combined potential of life.


It starts at this fare, with all the colours from the attendants. All of them alloting themselves spaces in this field by finding and pursuing their interests.


Unless the guy at the top(in our heads and minds, and so it goes) yells stop, then we are all safe. And unless we do something awful, we can rest assured that they won’t have to.


We might even blend into them and become the source ourselves. I beg your pardon; we might remember that we are the product of the source, and are born already complete.


What remains now is to create those ruptures in our brains and emotions by following our desires at this fair and ensuring that what we really desire, we become, and the ledger notes all of this.


Should we do this well and within reasonable unity, we will form a united front in overriding hate. It does take time, though, but big things do happen from time to time.


Life is not as linear as we are led to believe. The neural network that we are using here is intensely powerful. Some may even say infinitely powerful. So even the energy and consciousness of the dinosaurs can fall into our spectrum of consciousness to teach us something if need be. After all, infinity has no bounds. It’s a push-and-pull affair between us all, like that seesaw over there.


Bye, and live the remainder of your day!




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