Are you loosely technical minded?

Are you loosely technical minded?
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When are you going to have a break? From all those transitive moments like commuting from the teashop to a thrift shop! And you’d suddenly stop to analyze your surroundings, from the still to the most animated. You’d freeze and hope to negotiate appropriately with yourself to stop analyzing everything with such frivolous curiosity.


Interestingly, you have lived through numerous inner seismic events, wondering why this boundless animation can present itself over such an abstract foundation to form such an obviously technical world.


As you said, the buildings are standing tall, rigid as can be, with your echo traversing that rigid glass frame a testimony of only how hollow that voice can go against this steel bounty.


Yet, just as you saw that evidence, you immediately imagined the voice finding a way around any limitation posed on it. And back at square one, darn!


Oh, no, I feel alongside you!

We can’t seem to find the abstract; it’s teasing us.

Study how it moulds into and around the material, forming into liquid, copper, or aluminium! In the rocks of South Africa, it developed itself into Gold and Platinum.


The representation boils and showcases the mind’s love for imagining – Thus creating.


It is being able to reverse an error by learning the path travelled in reverse.


And in doing this, fortifying the walls of self-recognition.


Perhaps above that, we may have met and built a technical bounty that we are amused by. By then, the emotion would be speaking, reaching for an audience.

In this case, it would merely ask them to reread the above paragraph with care.


It’s about noting the audience, abstract as it comes.

Let’s travel down into the valley of abstraction, where a line of wool and graffiti would grow into one, depending on your understanding. Now you decide! Here, you get to choose!


Loosely technical-minded implies that a rigid structure should be prone to blunder or glitch occasionally, right?

How else would the abstract assert its presence above this rigidity?


But it’s not. It has opted to shorten its frequency to that which can pixelate at any ratio with almost hundred per cent accuracy. Yet that glitch remains, doesn’t it?

Only just invisible to the human eye.


This means that on a smaller scale, there is a lot of disorder; life is learning and re-adapting as quickly as the problem itself lasted. A merry go around in reverse.


It’s playing out well enough for now. The wall behind it has been fortified for time immemorial, and it’s still expanding, almost like a matrix, isn’t it?


It is making it hard to imagine any other reality apart from that bought from imagination and its willingness.


The level of largeness at hand. Immense! Nine needs to be larger to serve as a representation.

But nine is beautiful enough to pass for your mind, as it did mine, and thus we agree as we did.


Are you a loose thinker?


Now you have to do mathematics, what now?


Either you become a spectacular celebrity or who the mischievous calls a Genius. I say mischievous because the word genius causes mischief but does little else.

People are either famous or they aren’t.

I say famous because many people contributed to them just so they can have the limelight; some are recognized, others less so. They are famous twofold here.


But the victory is theirs, not yours alone. It’s shared.


Humans do not possess anything by themselves, anything at all.

But in a shared environment, they possess it all.


Celebrities are randomly circulated and not a birthright of any soul. Stardom simply rotates at random.

Because, in essence, all our lives are the same, it can’t live in all of us at once. That would kill contrast, therefore uniqueness, and lastly, authenticity.


It’s an elevating/elevated emotion that survives on differentiating itself from a pool of options.


So, whoever this light falls on must carry it, knowing that in another life, the core will also convey it to others. Moving it to another experience, this time, maybe not a Yale alumni.


It is all about equals in the bigger scheme of things.

And once equality is achieved, so will justice.

Equality is the readiness to share the wealth of the land equally—a poetic idea with a rigid truth.

And once this puzzle is achieved, meaning that true justice is realized in our scope of reality, then the agency of life will start a new one. Ad-infinituum!


We will live through wars, trauma, happiness, injustice, hope, faith, love, and humanness, and this giant spectrum of experience will constitute our knowingness. This is the truest elixir of life; it’s called wisdom!


Whether we deem it ethically moral or not, the love for knowledge is at the centre. Meaning that every experience is doing just that, whether felt or experienced. We grant it validity. We give it sterility!

Thus constituting a new umbrella of understanding that if I know it, then I can control it.


Even when a system knows itself fully, it does not mean it doesn’t want to relive itself sometimes.

Hence, our current batch of the human resolve. We are coming as a spirit in succession of all the earlier lives that came, i.e. Dinousours and early humankind.

And all of us are connected to the dinosaurs and early apes in very nuanced ways. We are sharing the exact mother-son-daughter blueprint.


It is fun to think about them, all the successful people in this cycle, contributing to and pulling from them simultaneously. Pulling them by agreeing on the rules in which we regard them – thus giving issuance to the systems that guide them – thus issuing and releasing the power to and from ourselves.


If you have never thought about it, I need you to see men and women merge into uniquely ubiquitous roles, and both excel at them. Gender equality is a norm we must recognize. It’s a truth!


In conclusion, The abstract and the technical work harmoniously by reinforcing each other. The abstract takes shape in the technical; it learns and experiences itself in that way.


The technical, in return, solidifies itself on an abstract foundation. The abstract is all around it, but they become the same thing!


So, are you loosely technically minded?





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    I do agree with all the ideas you have introduced on your post They are very convincing and will definitely work Still the posts are very short for newbies May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time Thank you for the post

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