And there it was, all set up for you!

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I am just playing around with thoughts here. I am under immense fatigue, but let’s see where this goes!


Life isn’t trivial; that’s a fact. But sometimes, it gets so tough that we are involuntarily debased.


And this begets a question: why?


My theory is that more harbours complexity. Meaning that attainment harbours complexity.


Avoid this? Then have little?


This means that your aspirations, desires and needs are your biggest foes.


Everything which is yours, all that you can attain, are your nemesis. And this does not have to conform to anything to be just the way it is.


Some of the resources which you pull are plentiful, for instance, the air you breathe, and thus require little competition for. But as for others, that competition will be real.


It seems like everything out there follows the same laws: you have to have or lose it.


But I do not believe that there is ever anything which is free in the world of materialism. Only the illusion thereof!


Okay, this topic has much potential, but not for a man in my current mental space. If you took something out of this, then great.

If not, then maybe I might add more to it in the future.


Holding thumbs!




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