Kids, historians sometimes tell rubbish!

Kids, historians sometimes tell rubbish!
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This may be the time when African people started teaching the world what the facts are; because the whirlwind of ignorance is now in epic proportions worldwide.


But who are the Africans which I speak of so deliberately?

Aren’t we all Africans, you ask?


Well, yes and no. 


The argument of us emerging out of Africa is accepted only when it’s convenient within a certain narrative.

It is as passable as any other term in widespread usage today.


Besides, there are various levels to being African. And I want to discuss the most obvious, widely accepted and understood one. But also the most biological.


And this pertains to Africans who never left Africa and, therefore, still largely maintain the genetics of their first ancestors. Also hand in hand with their melanoma.


These people are the ones that I am writing about. The first people of our kind(Sapiens) to walk the Earth.




These people are widely misunderstood and discriminated against. But they are some of the most focal as well!

Let me start by adding that since the advent of humanity, people have always been doing what people do: interact and play with the natural world.

And it was no different for the first people and their descendants.


Therefore, the first humans set the foundations for what we all have today.


And that alone should close this conversation.


Meaning: Maths and Science, Agriculture and astronomy were all born in Africa by the early Africans. 

I mean, it is just that evident. But these are your ancestors as well, so rest assured!


What else would they have been doing for all that time? Waiting to be taught what the Moon is? 


Humans learn by trial and error. So although our understanding of the world has evolved collectively, people have always had models of the world. And they’ve always shared what they’ve known!


In Africa, the sky is wide and open. So all the people had to do, was to look up to the skies.


And I can assure you, the moment we evolved movable necks, then that is the first thing they(we) did.


We looked up, and we looked around. And that is when the first models and theories of the world evolved. And using the tools of the time, a portion of history got written.


Whether that happened using pen and paper or word of mouth is inconsequential.

Chances are that it happened in as many ways as was viable for a supernatural power(s) to permit. 

Because half of the point is that humans share, and we grow from doing so. So what warrants sharing will be shared.


So much of history is misconstrued, which is harmful for many reasons. However, we are an incredible species asserting that we control things. So we must also influence how we read and comprehend.


Because those with sinister agendas(or with ignorance) are failing at documenting history.



A lot of history may never be recollected, particularly early ones. But we can rest assured that what we see in the world today is a consequence of that, and will continue to be.


Because humans remain relatively intact for the most part. 

What I mean is that we are aggregators. And we are also opportunists. Let that sink in a bit!

And all of these seemingly non-related concepts that I have raised have brought us here; as Humans who just are.


In short, it is really about who wrote history because they have done the job, and often a bad one! Now, we are rewriting the nonsense and balancing the scales for all to remember the African story and use that to move forward.


I will conclude there!





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