As they say, be compulsive and obsessed!

As they say, be compulsive and obsessed!
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Kindly note, this is not my normal writing; it’s of lesser quality. I wrote it hurriedly!
Figures such as Elon Musk are often cited as workaholics, that rare breed that survives on two hours of sleep. A figure behind three or more billion-dollar brands. They say he’s half machine these days.
Well! Mhm!
I must state that sleep is a necessity, first and foremost. And only robots don’t sleep. The internet is filled with many phoney gurus and rumour mongers spreading harmful, severely half-baked information. For them, It became about the numbers a long time ago. It’s all a large clickbait. They treat us as fish, particularly Sardines, which is pretty sad!


Anyway, let’s unpack this whole hard work trend.

Let’s start at the very beginning, and whilst in the process, let’s study where success begins creeping in.


Firstly, is it really all about being a workaholic?
Short answer: not quite.
But there’s a catch.


In short: It’s really about staying with a project for a prolonged period. And it is about having the mind to make it happen at all costs. This is where obsession gains ground!



It is about intensity. That is what it is about. It would help if you conveyed intensity or some obsession for your desired object to achieve it.


This is where being a task-oriented workaholic comes in. It means that you are constantly thinking of or are in a frame of mind locked onto the task. This frame of mind invites intensity out of necessity. I believe that at this level, interest or passion is not a part of the picture. It is mostly about obsession; healthy doses of it, anyway.


The world has vilified obsession but glorified interest and passion. But the reality is that the latter states of thinking usually do not contain that necessary fire to see a project with all its corners.


In fact, they are entirely different things, honestly. Passion is commonly linked to talent or ability or induced by them. Obsession is really about a locked state of mind. It’s compulsive. It’s controlling.


Can you see any other way to achieve without being in this state?


Business is of such a nature that you should be fixated on this object and sing it to others because you’ve rehearsed it so much. You must want it.
Sure, treat it as a journey. But put in the work. Work on that intensity too.
Various people worldwide are successful in business and have very unassuming personalities. However, I do not believe they are all they lead us to believe.


I want us to minimize the luck factor from the conversation as much as possible.

It must become a high-stakes Fiesta where you’ve lined up ten businesses and one hooks. It’s an overflow of doing!
So it’s about obsessive behaviour and a culture for this particular thing.


The reality is that you will be drawn to materialism; to what extent is up to you. You will seek to attain in the external(material) world.



Success is tough. It requires a fixated mind. That is the truth.

The reality is that successful criminals and their opposites have a similar base nature. They may be a bit psychopathic. How they use those traits will determine whether they rise to respectable humans or dreaded devils.


But we should cease vilifying any human quality because any healthy dose of any is vital for you.



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