Hello there, Let us go to Toronto.

Hello there, Let us go to Toronto.
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Hello Toronto, Canada!

Recently one of my friends visited your city and returned with very positive reviews.
He speaks of a city with tall buildings and good vibes. For him, this was a casual visit. Tell me, How many cities allow for casual visits these days?!
So all of this had me wondering, right, considering how hectic and lonely business can be, why don’t we go to Toronto together?!
Let’s imagine this city in its entirety, beginning with its long roads. Then its diversity and cold weather. Let’s imagine it is growing daily, with people from all walks of life coming in and calling it home.


Let us drive along its roads and park near the central park. Whilst we are there, let’s take in the air around us; oh, look at that fantastic mosaic thingy on the edge.
The buildings are surprisingly tall. Are you sure we aren’t in New York? Haha!
Mhm, I am sure cameras are privately shooting us; the aura seems to suggest it. Is it because this city is moving into ‘big brother‘ turf? Remember to read 1984 to learn more.
Or it could be that we are being filmed for the Just for Laughs gig. Cluck, cluck.


Anyway, moving swiftly along. This city feels very improvised! Or Is it just me?

It’s also hard to tell where it ends if it does at all.

And here I was, thinking that thirty-four people were living in Canada.
Are you from Toronto? Can you recommend spaces around us? Where is the finest coffee(not that there is) made?
I am so excited; driving around this city is fulfilling; it adds a layer of plenty. There’s plenty to do and see. Sometimes a monotonous life can be maddening, right? And this city offers a sharp alternative to that.
Mhm, are people here always this compliant and law-abiding? I am curious to know what triggers this city?!
Now that we are here, I must mention that I am from South Africa, so I will need a very Canadian collectable to carry back home.

Very Canadian! Lol.

I meant very Torontan, if that’s the demonym!


Apart from that, the city feels recognizable; how the world tries to divide us is baffling. Meanwhile, we share so much together.
Look around you, all worlds in one. You have small Ghana here, small China there, ooh, check small Puerto Rico. Okay, guys, I can’t name every country; just know I meant well.
It’s interesting what the mind can achieve, or more interesting what minds can achieve.
Toronto is tried and tested. And it’s honestly a good city, and today it captivated the pinnacle of my story.
 I will write more as I continue to learn more.


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