Business resilience is not a choice!

Business resilience is not a choice!
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Suppose you want to get a bit further in business. In that case, I encourage you to be resilient or cease starting altogether.


Notice my use of the word ‘further’ rather than ‘destination’ or ‘place of success’. That is because, despite what you’ve been told, business is challenging and requires immense amounts of mental resolution.


This mental resolution can be avoided by alignment. By being aligned with the business, or becoming the business itself!


You will likely fail if you do business as a part-time job.

If it’s done coincidentally[is stumbled upon], then it may also fail unless some rigorous education is undertaken to convert the business into a formidable brand.


It is said[I have said this before as well] that business is for everyone, and it is vast enough in its nature to wrap itself around any possible mind.

And that is true; however, what disappoints us is our own lack of resilience and patience. Our unwillingness to overcome oppression!


Now, I must also add that we are in a particular cycle as people, and this is clear through advancements in specific technologies that come with a caveat. This caveat is despondence, thrill, and gluttony.



I believe that challenges are everywhere, and have been present since the dawn of time. And wishing for something different is also a problem in itself.


We want to wish ourselves out of our problems rather than confronting them.



I want to add that expecting great things to come to us is never a bad strategy. And I will never say we must produce the same energy for negative experiences. 


I am saying that we must reduce our complaining and broaden our comprehension of life. 


The thing with life is that it is so vast, so much so that our problems are reduced to rubble; they’re insignificant.

But they are not altogether pointless! Unless you believe that things happen by chance!



Resilience, phew!


I need a break from my own emotions when I think of how daunting the business experience can be – But also how much self-learning this is proving to present, of which I am glad!


Therefore, as far as I have come to understand this, my theory is that we ought to learn. It’s always the learning more than the arrival itself.


Why should it matter to the universe that you own Amazon and have scaled it to one billion consistent clientele?

Despite that, having a billion clientele is worthwhile; after all, it’s a billion people. 


One way to add flavor to this would be to say that one billion souls or gods are rallying behind your product or service. Because that is who we are, and that is what it is!

Now it’s no longer troubling, is it?



Strange how the proper use of words could alter the entire meaning and way in which we think about something!


Examples such as these give me perspective!


They’re examples that affirm the vastness of life and our perceived insignificance yet assure the connectedness of that finiteness to create something truly unique.


Where one person would say, ‘I quit; this riddle is beyond my grasp!’, the other would extend and say: ‘I have failed right now. However temporary this failure is. Because I am married to this, and as much as seasons change, so will my fortune.’. 


Compare the differences in viewpoint, and both are equally true.


We choose our experiences, as illogical as this sounds.

And we have strayed so far from our essence that we have entirely forgotten about who we are.


Conversely, giving up on business and resorting to something else is completely okay. Maybe business is not for me, as some say!


My question to you is ‘then what is?‘. 


Is it working for and strengthening the dream of another individual?


For how long?


The rest of your life, you say!


Mhmm, good luck then! I mean it!



What about the stages in life that you’ve undergone? Do you mean to tell me that in neither of those have you been faced with amazing business opportunities that would’ve changed the direction of your life?

If only you had thought about it and kept the resilience going!


If not, then I wish you well in your endeavor and the future you see for yourself.



The person to whom I am directing this is the restless one who will keep breaking stuff until they magically fix themselves.


That is what I have come to learn: that making mistakes/failing is akin to breaking stuff. And it can be no other way.



We do not want to break stuff because we believe that it upsets the world order – the balance of nature!

This couldn’t be further from the truth!


I am not advocating for you to do mindless harm, but I am saying that mistakes are interwoven in us; they are us.


And when viewed from the outside, then they appear as hurdles, distractions, or challenges.


Friction is the way of the world, and it is only discomforting when we refuse to accept it as it is.

We forget that we can shape destinies by complying with them and thus foster cooperation!


This tenet does not only lie with business but also with life. But business is scoped in this conversation, so I will lead with that.


Resilience is not a choice; it’s a byproduct of life and living and interwoven into life’s experience. But through alignment, then we can shape that, too.


Despite being so small, humans still carry the genes of eternity in them, and this is not poetry!


Bye, go out and be resilient!



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