Happy August the 2nd, How YOU doin?

Happy August the 2nd, How YOU doin?
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Today marks a day in August, the eighth month of the year. Two-thirds of the calendar are consumed, and this is a moment for reflection.


As a Friends fan, my question to you(as Joey would say) is, ‘how you doin?’. How you doin this far, and are you on par with your yearly ambitions?


The truth is that you may not achieve all that you have intended for this year. But you will gain something much more significant. And this will all transpire around your primary goal. It will be wrapped around it.


It will remind you that being steadfast and intentional about this year and beyond is vital for your growth and preparation.


Here is why it matters!

Because you often study great attributes in other individuals and yearn for the same in yourself. You ask yourself why it can’t be yours when you can sense it in others.


Wisdom usually reminds us to stay firm and believe in a future we want, and by doing so, walk into it.

I am saying this because some of those aspirations are granted to you in a future that you must be prepared for.


Material attainments come with environments. And being grounded is understanding that just because one and one are not two today does not imply so for a future that you envision.


Possibilities are inviting you today and tomorrow, and you’d better play along. It is better to assume a paradigm that preaches positivity and alignment with a higher order than the opposite. Because this way, you will yearn honestly, and your need may just come to you. 


Listen, time will elapse in any case. So begin preaching a life that you wish to see.

The biggest evil in the world is a scarcity mindset, so we must address it cautiously.

Like you, I am learning to expand; this big world is more than enough for us all. Scarcity is conditioning


The world is not overpopulated; there is no scarcity anywhere. 

It is also not distanced from you or your plight. It just needs you to follow a set perspective.

To work on how you think and think long term. All the muscles that you require with attach to you as you go. And those who are in your space will start emphasizing your new attitude


Just do it one step at a time; this way, you are one step ahead of your previous self.




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