How archives are the new selling point.

How archives are the new selling point.
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Archives plays into an increased need for revisiting history, which is the new norm and will likely continue indefinitely.


The story.


The beautiful part of the web is that it can never be moderated, and it stands on pillars that have a footing in every corner of the world. It combines all of humanity’s stories, some burning wild and others buried. But as sure as the ancient civilisations left indelible art in caves, so are people’s stories.


One of the saddest aspects of our society has always been injustice(in all its forms). Evil people existed that sought to destroy the souls of others and their history from every book imaginable.


However, they failed, and so will always be the case. Because an aspect of who we are that can’t be vanquished is our minds and our abilities. The same abilities which are allowing us to rewrite lost history using impressive techniques that enable us to piece history together in surprising ways.


The ever growing interest in archives.

I’d wonder about the bewilderment of a tyrant leader who sought to preserve their nation by oppressing others if they saw ‘their people’ helping shape a better world today.


An aspect that I appreciate about our times is that everything that can be questioned will be questioned. We live in a very modularised world, thus revoking the rights of mediocre historical agencies that governed all the news in the world.


You look at the previously marginalised communities championing their own stories, and you start to realise that a few bitter hearts in our societies have lost in their evil causes. And they should lose, as they were good for nothing but misleading.


History books are being revisited on a new level, and those stories are reaching the mainstream more than ever.


Today the most compelling writers will be those that can maintain impartiality despite the confusion that is going on. Because many people still carry the burden of vengeance, of reversing the pain to those that caused it on them.


In my homeland, the natives are labourers on land which they lost to an army of men that arrived by boats from foreign lands. And some brutality has occurred over the years that shake the soul. The cruelty that can’t be forgotten.


There are various ways in which history is being written, and pen on paper isn’t the only option. The other is common sense.


And today, with everyone on the lookout, the stories are coming to light. Everyone, one every corner, has turned into a content creator, and they are expressing their stories, and people are listening. Therefore, new content is coming to the big screens. Content that hateful hearts despise.


Just some archives, nothing more…

Because there is selling power in new material that brings new truth to the world, but also content that has proven to sell in the past. And this invites new challenges and opportunities. But in the end, it promises us a changing world which is open to truth and justice.


A world where everyone can surmise their conclusions, And that is a world better than tyranny.





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