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This morning I spoke to some of my acquaintances, a majority of whom I work with, my colleagues. Of which the majority of whom I barely remember by name. But in them, there are a few that I do remember, a few that I have some closeness to. Is this true for you as well?


What do I mean?

Do you have that one colleague who is not your friend in the strict sense, but with whom you have taken a trip around the city and with whom you’ve shared a social space at least once? You know you can never squat at their place when yours burns down, yet, to some degree, you still react a certain way to them; there’s closeness.

In the broad sense, they are an acquaintance, but they are not alien to you! They are not in inbetweeners either. They are your acquaintances!

I chose to write about this because it paints the intricacies of human interactions. How a simple interaction can foster a sort of friendship and an air in which both parties lower their guard.


Are close acquaintances even a good idea?

Yes, I would like to think so, particularly if you are not a friends person.
They serve as temporary friends that fulfil the moment’s demands and are gone with the wind shortly thereafter.

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