We play the lottery daily, unintentionally!

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Now and then, some of us would place a lottery ticket or visit a casino hoping to score big. A sense of self-preservation and reservation triggers the move. We want to be the best version of ourselves, and we do so in varying ways.
But when our ticket loses, we merely shrug it off and move on; we understand the nature and fortune of the game. However, we seldom realise that a similar nature is present everywhere in our lives.
What do I mean?
This morning, we woke up to the news that a new energy minister had been appointed to tackle the recurring power outages, and the moods of citizens fluctuated with the news. Depending on your economic status, many people expressed dismay and disapproved of the information. For them, this was a lottery ticket gone wrong, the difference being, it was not a ticket they had placed.
The same is true when we place no goals-aspire to nothing-and go by the winds of life. Life is a gamble, and every day is a gamble. People developed faith partly due to this ratio of uncertainty.
But today we have a breather; power cuts are relaxed a bit. However, I am mindful that I may wake up the next morning and the reality may be vastly different. I know that when that moment arrives, I will be caught unprepared.
But does this not go against the philosophy of being human? Is being human not about control of own destiny?
I don’t know!
But I should add that there are countless instances where we are muddled in uncertainty, and I am pressed against the notion that we can salvage ourselves from it all.


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