How far are we with our perception?

How far are we with our perception?
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[Perception: Listen instead]


We are a puzzle; oh, my world we are! What’s more our perception!


By the sheer size alone, our consciousness is terrifyingly vast. It rotates us between tranquil beauty and terrifying paradises.


This volatility does not rub well with our earthly world. Therefore, there is a need for order!

In other words, we must numb down to predictability and snail’s pace living.


Order can be great; it’s predictable and provides assurance. It has its selling points for sure.


However, it’s also susceptible to our perception. When it comes to our kind, we find that what makes sense to us is what we can understand and thus quantify. Otherwise, we deem all else ‘pseudoscience’ or ‘faith-based living’. 


So, order is everywhere, but we cannot entirely perceive it!


Even amongst us, we can perceive the same object vastly different!

Even among us, we can perceive the same object vastly different!





But, what has yet to be established is the relationship between the known and unknown.


And although affecting each other, we don’t yet grasp the depths of that relationship.

Now, our reality is obscured because of this.



When lying on your bed(your fantastic bed with a slight depression at the center caused by your ass’s blueprint over the years) working on a manifestation– what you are doing is working with laws that are not tangible to the human experience except via the channel that you are pursuing; right?


Wow, now I forgot my next point, which would’ve added some poetry to the beauty of my writing and telltale.


But it is okay; we are not there anyway (Asikho lapho).

We are here, stuck in between two dimensions, one being earthly, the other quite all-else and mystical. Mystical for now!

This mystical dimension is far more reaching and yielding. From it, stories of legends mushroom.


Some speak to walls and their dogs, and they love them so much, yet they’ve never really noticed this until now.


But being in a reality vastly different from Earth, guided by rules that lead to heightened consciousness is wildly rewarding but also confusing.


For one, whenever our mind expands this way, we usually find ourselves vulnerable to emotion; we want to feel all of it.


In this realm, our story is supported and warmly encouraged. And this we call our soul purpose, the ‘us’ that no external factor can extinguish.


To be fair, this dimension mainly guides us and then allows us to guide it. [Is there a ratio to this?]

Anyways, ratios don’t matter, only what the implications are for a future that we are all moving towards.


When I ask how far we’ve come with our perception, I’m posing a question directly at you as though your efforts for humanity are critical for all of us. And they are!

Face it:

  • Your heart is beating.

  • Your energy is radiating.

  • A star system runs inside of you that has implications for you and your group.

Some people’s destinies are directly implicated with yours.



This world is incredible, but…

This world has us. We are flawed to the knack but are also magnificent peaks of the life experience.


The issue is that we forget to compliment flowers and trees, animals and mountains, river streams and the energy that binds them all.


For your eyes perusal.
For your eyes perusal.


Even so, for ‘higher life forms’ like ourselves, we barely build each other up. We don’t celebrate our connectedness.


Then we complain about the hostility we receive from this world; meanwhile, we are part of the hostility. We are the hostility!



A plant needs your attention. However, it won’t perish without one.

It is already whole in itself. But grant it one, lady and man. Grant the flower the attention, and both parties will learn more.


Now, speaking of interactions, let us come back a bit.

Have you noticed how many objects you’ve been interacting with recently?


The dilemma here is that you have an affinity for them; they constitute your reality. This now follows for the other gentle soul on that corner there, who leads a life you disapprove of. 


Perception is beautifully dangerous, would you agree?- Because it says that an already perfect world needs your alteration to be more perfect. 

And perhaps it does, but it is not that simple.


Firstly, who do you think you are?

Are you a high-vibrationenergy and frequency individual who leads with grace and love?


Please understand that these are by no means the only high-frequency energies; they’re just the most used! You pick yours!



Just be a darling, please!

We are all tired and need heroes and heroines of the human cause. More perfect is real, but it follows the energy that you lead with to others, and it requires patience and understanding. 


It’s all perfect already, but you and I are improving it. Perfection can still evolve more!



Is it all energy?

We ought to learn to play with energy as if we are learning of the world afresh.


How far are we, though? 


Being connected to each other so much, your counsel becomes mine. Be mindful that I can’t sense where you are as of this message, nor can you do the same. But the message is the same: we are interacting. 


And perhaps our biologies will also morph and reignite the basics we all share.


The human lineage is not a tree, as previously thought. We have found that the tree model can’t continue indefinitely; thus, a different theory is required.


I believe that we come from a tree-like spaghetti. Heck, we probably share several ancestors, and so will it continue. Human lineages are not isolated tree events; they’re more like highway intersections that create a basic rendition of a tree! 


Humans interact; they are not bothered about building a tree!



In this vast play of biology, the mind and senses, we can pluck as far and wide as we wish. This is called the human potential.


However, despite you choosing your life and experiences and the rest of us doing the same, we hope to align well enough to keep our combined family pool moving towards growth.


Else, there is no hope for us, and perhaps life ought not to have begun to begin with!



And there you have it, the magnetism that affords your heightened perception of life has built a great reality for you. Also, it is not divorced from other wildlife, but different.

And that magnetism asked for this experience way before the stars were born. 




Stars follow commands, the same as us(to some degree), but we can command them because, in this energy hierarchy, you and I stack much closer to the top.


And all that relies on us will adjust to match a frequency we deem necessary for creation. And this, in a sense, begins with us.


I am convinced of what I am saying, but I also welcome rebuttals. Either way, the truth is out, one which I can’t retract.



Suppose our perception can meet, then excellent. I am glad this piece of writing was pure joy to you.

Otherwise, I’m just that guy you disapprove of at the corner.


Perhaps we are not ready to align in this lifetime, but as long as our energies are searching the void, we are bound to bump into each other again.


Another classic rendition of the abstract unknown.
Another classic rendition of the abstract unknown.


After all, the energy is the same; ours is to keep its rhythm as great as possible.


A tall order, sure! But we are tall; hence, we are the guardians of the galaxy!



Bye bye.



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