How we are using agents to extend value!

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Agent Smith, for the Matrix fans.


Definition: a person who acts on behalf of another person or group.

This post pertains to an agent under our guidelines as a business. For other uses of an agent, use google here.

Before I commence, here is a brief description of what we do and how agents play into our mission.

At Selfli, we are a micro-assist service optimised for individuals who want to share duties and assets. We also offer brands the opportunity to optimise themselves, all free of charge!

We aim to help as many survivalists and marginal enterprises access resources they may need to keep operations working. We are committed to building a thriving community of value makers and people with large hearts. Generosity acts as a condiment to any survivalist’s story and day. Generous acts literally make-or-break people’s days.

Typical Auth before use format.

Our platform is typical in that you are required to authenticate yourself, and once that is complete, then you’d be able to transact. 

We offer tools for businesses to list themselves whilst optimising themselves on that breath. Also, to show optimised posts(all the time). We also allow people to share assets and tasks(with a plethora of tasks to choose from).

Lately, we also offer agents. An agent could be anyone with steady internet connectivity and ready to complete physical tasks.

Consider this analogy: User A is available to complete a task, but around them is a homeless person or derelict who would greater-or-equally benefit from the opportunity. An agent would then act as a micro-manager of the homeless and share the spoils in the end. So an agent secures the upkeep of the task at hand! An agent would also negotiate fees beforehand.

Agents are catalysts of progress and custodians of a value chain.

Agents are catalysts of progress and custodians of a value chain.

We believe in agents and how they can truly bring forth efficiency and trust to a task.

Outside of a task, we also offer a barter format of exchange. We believe that when we are in a hailstorm, then we must look to ourselves for solutions, albeit temporary. 

We are of the impression that people are not incapable of doing stuff, but are discouraged due to a lack of outlets to do so.

We are selfli.

Selfli is born from selflessness and selfly. Selflessness because we believe in value-creating. Selfly because we believe in independence, doing stuff by self. So we advocate for autonomy and selflessness.

Thank you for reading.

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