Raising awareness about Rhino poaching!

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Courtesy: Kruger park


Happy Rhino awareness month. However, there is not much to celebrate.
This morning, stats from the Kruger national park revealed that we had lost 10 000 Rhinos to poaching in just ten years. Reducing the entire population there by 59%.
Despite tireless efforts from game rangers and caring civilians fighting this giant monster, it seems like the greater battle is being lost. Poaching is rife!
And it is truly heartbreaking what is becoming of our Rhinos; almost every day, there is a carcass in the Kruger. This is painful for us all, and we must address it.

Rhinos are our priced heritage.

Rhinos are our heritage as the world, and I would hate to wake up one day and there’d be no more of them, at least in the wild.
The biggest reason behind our loss is in the size of the Kruger(greater Kruger comparable to Belgium). Therefore it is almost impossible to monitor every corner of it, and Rhinos are all over the place. The Kruger is very, very big.
I have learned that Rhino poaching may be worse in some reserves/national parks of India, but still.
We must challenge the loss of nearly 60% of a population to greed and ignorance.
So no, Rhinos are not safe.


Courtest of Forbes


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