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With formats of living and doing business changing so rapidly, which sees a new ‘millennialist‘ way of life, how is YouTube embracing this change?

Today TikTok and social media have taken centre stage, and it is plausible to say the old way of living is lost forever. On a factual basis, youngsters are increasingly questioning traditional ways of living. For them, social media is life; it has always been, never was there a time in their memory when the internet and YouTube were not there. So parents who attempt to insert a ‘Gen X’ish‘ way of life into their children simply fail. The children need not even dispute against them. An internet culture which is everywhere merely converts their convictions. It had started that conversion on them in their younger years, so they are not at all resistant.

The issue is that culture is very-very large, and it gallops everything. It decides the agenda.

So certain software firms have positioned themselves as the ringleaders of this new way, including YouTube.

And it may be a good thing! 

Think about it: YouTube is free(forever), diverse, and monetisable. But please refrain from using YouTube to post harmful content in the name of virality because they employ humans to filter it out! Just imagine that being your loved one!

But YouTube is great and could be lucrative. It may also be a hotbed for poor content creators due to FOMO(I was one once), but imagine that influencing your opinion. Remember that everyone has their audience. Remember your involvement in playing the video when you open Click baits, mainly when the video leaves much to be desired.

Phones may trigger an impulsive FOMO behaviour.

As for content creators (particularly if they come from disadvantaged backgrounds), this may be a fantastic way to grow. 


It may be sustainable because amazing content sells, and endorsements are an ‘in’ thing.

But how can this work for as many people as possible? The disparity between content creators v consumers is huge. An alarming realisation considering the distorted reality we live in. 

True equality is ultimately about giving people tools regardless of race and denomination and watching them concoct something. Nothing is more satisfying than people doing something at their peril. How would they blame you in the end? It would also make your wisdom valuable; think about it!

The discouraging numbers about inequality are born from unequal access to information and how we could get dividends from applying this data! Being crass, I feel tempted to support the narrative that some people are born for or belong in the dark. But that has never translated well in economics. It has almost always led to an increase in crime and, until recently, discouraging figures in unemployment. And today, mostly, the unemployed graduates. Plus, crime has victims and perpetrators; in both cases, that could be a loved one. It always feels justifiable until it threatens our viewpoint or family.

Are schools being extirpated?

Some people no longer believe that school offers much in terms of leverage anymore. Whether or not it ever has is another subject! Whether or not it has ever been is also a true paradox to the mind. A significant tragedy!

But the succeeding emotion of that statement and the conviction thereof is very worrying.  

Knowledge is not power(unless used methodically) but potential power. The liberation that comes with knowing and being able to apply skill or trade is indescribable. Today YouTube is undoubtedly a powerful mechanism of exchange and justly requires knowledge. 

But YouTube is an isolated potential money-maker(business) in an ocean of many others! But the denominator of all of them is knowledge. Think of them as blank canvasses because that is what they are. And a canvas is obedient to the painter. This is meant literally, evident when I describe YouTube below.

At first, it is about the know-how of the software; thereafter, translating that to something else.

Our ignorance about the presence of such platforms has nothing to do with how information is censored or withheld through various means. But it is about curiosity to find out more about our world. It is about interest to learn more, tell more!

Information can only travel so far before its missionaries tire and call it a day.

Change comes with opportunity. And that opportunity is constantly decided by technology. Today is a strange time indeed because even if you can kill specific drivers of tech, you cannot destroy the culture it has built. You can’t destroy the paradigm-shifting it has brought.

As people, we should constantly look at ways to grow our income in non-traditional(9-5) ways. Because not only are companies grossly exploiting employees, but also because we trade skills for payment, a terrible strategy! 

It is all about leveraging.

Leveraging technology has a more passive feel to it. You could even be cross-platform because your deadlines are flexible. 

But my biggest conviction is that freedom comes with this way of living, and freedom is all we ever yearned for(After LOVE).

Now with work being automated, some jobs are destined to be lost. And more and more jobs are becoming ghost jobs(virtually meaningless jobs that don’t rouse the employees). As such, more and more employees are hanging on a thread despite working.

We are far from the internet zenith!

I believe that we have not reached the peak of internet-based living. In fact, we are far out(because blockchain is reinventing internet businesses now). The growth may continue for a few more decades until it heeds for some other tech. But the lesson here is: The internet is the new mining and manufacturing age, so you better take your boots and pike and go mine.

YouTube could likely help people transform themselves because it offers a no-strings-attached approach to creatives. 

There is a huge misconception that you need to be a media enthusiast or solely interested in video and media to thrive with YouTube. But nothing could be further from true. Are you a joker? Submit a standup of yourself. Are you a painter? A homemaker? A doctor? Whatever you are, YouTube can support you because all it is, is a tool connecting you to other people. It is not a horridly complicated tool designed by the devil themself.

Lastly, if you find video sharing distasteful, then upload audio. If that makes you uncomfortable, upload a photo collage(completely muted). Everyone has an audience. YouTube is two billion strong; trust me, you have an audience somewhere in there.

Start exercising freedom because that is the currency that matters, and moreso today. Curiosity is fun.

YouTube may not be for everyone

Maybe YouTube won’t work for you, but it will work for someone that you know or have read of. In the end, even amid a failure, you will still pat yourself because yours will be a failure of a progressive nature. And that skill we so dearly need as well.

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