Immense stories of near death experiences.

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Today’s post is intended to be interesting and insightful. I will refrain from writing long passages, and opt for sharing videos which I found on YouTube, and let them do the talking.


I found these videos interesting, and well within our scope of conversation. It is these forms of conversations that bring an extra layer of perspective to a sometimes cloudy mind.


I will table them with topics, and I will also number them.


1. You will love what’s waiting for you!


2. Pronounced dead for twenty minutes – And saw the other side.


3. Former addict overdoses and slips into the other dimension.


4. Surgeon struck by lightning and discovers a realm of energy.


5. Man dies, and discovers his truth and the entirety of oneness!

Personally? I found them interesting. Unless this is all staged, by which I’d question the brilliance of the actors, there is no reason to doubt the underlying theme here. Which is that GOD is what we want it to be, and everything else.

These stories offer insights, lessons and guides that we can take from.

Thanks for watching.

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