They say its a constant shift in energy.

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Where would you go if you needed to better understand evolution(changes in organisms)? Would you study Hominins and draw conclusions from them? Or would you follow a similar protocol on a different animal sample?


Before you book that plane ticket and jet off to the Forests or Savanna, let me remind you that the answer is already in you; the answer is you!


These(I say these respectfully) are Hominins. The coolest discovery after Playstation! This is the fragmented skull of Homo Naledi!
These(I say these respectfully) are Hominins. The coolest discovery after Playstation! This is the fragmented skull of Homo Naledi!


Here you are, an outward thinker, always looking at the world for truth and beauty, occasionally ignoring that the same universe exists within you. 


The easiest way to define evolution is by understanding it as constant change–Change in the physiology of an organism over time.


However, pronounced changes take time, usually thousands of years, to show marked effects. This, however, should not be misconstrued to imply that we are undergoing no changes at all. 


Have you ever refrained from doing something you’ve become habituated to doing for a month or so and noticed the changes it had on your mind? What did you make of it?


Our bodies, which connect to our minds, are fascinating indeed, and we should offer them their due respect. 


Our bodies are incredibly diligent when it comes to adaptations. The most rewarding created reality comes with fixing our brain into believing that the new reality we have assumed about ourselves is our derived nature and one we are incredibly grateful for it. It is rewarding since it sends direct messages stored in life’s ledger!


The garden of bad habits. Legend has it that some of our bad habits can be traced back to these times.
The garden of bad habits. Legend has it that some of our bad habits can be traced back to these times.


Our understanding of our Spatio-temporal reality has stupendous implications on how we view the world. It blends into how we understand time as a matter of objective or subjective truth.


One of the derived outcomes from such a relationship between Humans and Space-Time involves three ancient concepts of the human experience: Past, Present and Future.


To summarise these concepts slightly, the past exists only as a memory, and the future as a vision, image or idea. The only constant from now till perpetuity is the Present(or the now). You are holding the memory or imagining a future right now. It can’t be any other way!


Here is an outcome:

  1. Consider yourself in a challenging situation where you want to overcome a habit that has tormented you for years.

  2. Imagine that you have broken free from this ugly habit for a few seconds and are more liberated than you can typically get.

  3. Stay there, right up until you can surmise that being free from something for fifty years and ten seconds has the exact nature, albeit not the same effects on the human body.


Your anticipation(imagining) of crossing milestones(years) as a free agent(free from habit) likely leads to your subsequent unhappiness. You study the years that people have crossed off their journeys and envision the same for yourself without owning the wisdom that these people have.


SpaceTime doesn't care either. But it's rooting for you anyway!
SpaceTime doesn’t care, either. But it’s rooting for you anyway!



Liberation means being free of something. And nature offers you the here and now as a remedy to the crises that may arise should we decide to disobey our oath and submit to habits. Because the here-now(Present) nullifies the concept of time and renders it an illusion. 


The reality is that on an atomic-molecular level, you have already undergone a tremendous change within a few seconds of a breakaway from habit. Whether you thrust yourself back into it or not depends on you. But should you decide to do so, then nature will dilute time from being a marked consequence of your choices. 


In the end, you may weaken yourself to a stupor, but you will do this with an understanding that humans are constantly evolving; it’s all we are. 


Lame excuse. Yes, they're still bad habits!
Lame excuse. Yes, they’re still bad habits!


Try refraining from something for a month, then return to it and watch your bodily system fight you for it. But, that too shall be forgiven because, in the end, a very potent question has still to be answered: to what extent does this all matter?


So, it appears that our evolution is also tightly linked to our existential crises!





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