It’s time for the story to be told!

It's Time for the Story to Be Told!
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This is how media portrays other peoples stories. Its being told, true, but its not easy to make out what is at play.


Listening to the radio this morning, I heard a gentleman speak of identity and how the media does not quite capture the stories of people as it should or can.

I immediately realised that so much of what I have learned through any outlet has had very minute filters applied to them. In order words, anything narrated has a degree of inaccuracy. And this inaccuracy depends on who relates and from where.

For instance, many depictions of significant moments in time happen through the lens of Hollywood. It seems as if power writes the narrative, but the issue with that is that the very same power dilutes the significance and realism of the story. But, it seldom exaggerates it unless there is a motive.

Another component of narration which I hate is that of dramatising historical events. However, I can see why it is necessary.

Locals usually do not go out of their way to tell their stories. Conversely, Hollywood has several reasons for telling the story itself. One reason is that Hollywood is driven by profitability and a favourable environment to make that bet with little consequences. In contrast, the locals whose story is being told are driven by disinterest.

The tragedy with power is that it demoralises those that don’t have it. In other words, building from the bottom up is painful. However, disinterested people need not necessarily be at the bottom, but their stories may be, for as long as they keep them in the hands of strangers.


This is why the world has mediators to bridge the divide.

A poor man would barely even look the rich in the eyes, let alone defend their story against improper usage.

However, stories do need to be told, even if pregnant with inaccuracies. Because stories get lost over time, so they deserve some maintenance. Their faultiness may be corrected in the future, but a lost story may never be recovered. This is why people need to be empowered to gain interest and write their stories.

Also, stories are an ongoing telltale, and we must assume telling ours today. This will also help save our descendents from misinformation tomorrow. However, if we find ourselves unable to do so accurately, then we must publish those inaccuracies as are and hope a reader somewhere comes forth with suggestions, thus assistance.

It supports what some people have been saying, that it’s better to start than to wait for perfection. If you do not tell your story, then the world will, and trust me, they get it wrong sometimes.


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