It’s not personal, everyone has their share!

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Its not personal, Your time is coming!
Your time for ascension is near, but you need to play the game!

Sometimes it seems as though this world has a problem of information overload or is too meticulous in its sharing. Sometimes things feel more personal than usual, and there may seem to be an exposure to your suffering.

What do I mean by an overload of information? Well, firstly, the most fundamental ideal that we chase is prosperity, and we subsequently redirect our resources to it. In this space, we come across multitudes of people that seem to have made it, and those that have for sure. We want that, and sometimes we may want it so much yet be unfit to possess it. Or we may need to be in sync with it.
There is an overload of any matter we may search for on the internet, but little to remind us that we may not achieve that wish we hope for.

Also, and rightfully so, it is no one’s place to dish us such information, and that may aggrieve us.

But nature shows us in equally aggrieving ways.
That is why perspective is an organ we must exercise. Life is unfair for most of us, although a handful of people have an advantage.

Perspective, in one way, could be to consider that your goal is valid, and it is possible, likely so, but it may take longer for you to attain it for varying reasons. As much as you mark and set to achieve your goals, it would help if you remembered that refraining from giving up is a victory on its own.

Those who achieve before you are not better, not smarter. At best, they may be better positioned to execute a particular objective. But there may be moments in which they are standing on their depression as well.

I find that the human mind has similar capabilities, and most of us think the same.

Creativity has very fundamental similarities in people. For instance, two people who are entirely isolated from each other could develop a tool similarly. For example, Newton and Leibniz invented a similar calculus form but in different regions. It seems like there are rules governing the scope of our creativity.

This way, thousands of people could be on the same idea, but a tiny portion will succeed in it. Often the success ratio is less than one per cent of the entire pool. It seems as though ideas are nearly worthless, and everyone possesses the same ideas from time to time.

The invention of a plane needed a single executor, but the idea itself had visited countless minds before the famous brothers. So, either ideas are formless or are carried by atomic particles, but there should be a reason why ideas are so universal.

I can say with certainty, someone reading this has thought of this exact home before.

Another nature of ideas is that you can bounce around many at a time and have as many as you wish.

So maybe find one relatively unsaturated and aim to excel in executing it. In any case, someone has had that very idea too.

When the idea for this topic came to my mind, I had intended to write on something else, but now I have swayed quite considerably.

I am concluding with this; ideas are great; never give up on yours. Work on building your credibility and desire to align with the concept. And keep playing. Cease bothering yourself with stats about businesses failing and the like. Work on your idea for years if need be. Ultimately, you have only failed when you stop trying, not when a publishing agency, venture firm or stats organisation tells you so.

Your share may be nearer, don’t play the lotto of bouncing around ideas too much. Build a following around what you already have.

It’s not about someone else but you. Everyone has their share; focus on yours. Bye!

Thanks for reading.

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