Kids, it is important to remember things!

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Hi there.

I hope you are in trying spirits; I would like us to discuss why it is important to remember things. I want us to try to host a dialogue of the past in our minds and keep it as vivid as possible.
The reason for these requests is that they will help us put things in place or into frame, granted that we don’t overdo it.


Remembering what people are and also a decaying version of yourself will afford you space to grow.

This next part is directed at children, particularly those heavy on social media. If any of them are in your care, then you need to remind their brains that this world has a superficial element to it. And social media is one such place.
Stay in it long enough, then you will lose touch with the world.
To the child, here is a practical tool to assist you; rather than waking up to social media, read some writing that would teach you how to be closer to the person whose life you idealize on the socials.


Teach yourself to be like them, and start now.

There is toxicity in merely consuming. And at this moment your mind is malleable, meaning you can shape it in various ways.
Follow your interest very hard. You are incredibly smart. If you insist on having social media in your space, then learn how to use it.
Have your caretaker read this to you. We all want to see you on the other side. Your caregiver wants to see you on the other side as well. In you, they see a version that will surpass that of themselves; that’s if they have good intentions for you.


But, and I must emphasize this, they want you to teach them how to unlearn.

Right now, there is a problem between the two of you. Both of you are in your depths due to habits. For your parent, it’s stagnation after, say, their twenty-fourth birthday. Their lives have stayed the same.
However, it is crucial to remember that they support you. For most, this appears to be their sole purpose. And it would help if you recognized that they are trying their best, even though they have a karma of their own to fight.
I know that you excel at memorizing the names of these celebrities you follow, none of which really matter; hard facts. Most importantly, none belongs to people who add value to your environment in any tangible way. I am allowing you to recalibrate your lenses. Study your favourite celebrities, and pen down important metrics for you, then decide whether they meet these metrics.


The vast majority of famous people are inward facing, it is about them.

Or, maybe not, for those that aren’t, then they likely never chose the spotlight, but their talents thrust them into it anyway. Therefore, many may be unable to cope with this space, let alone fulfil your ideation of them.
It is also imperative to note that, the act of doing the assignment I gave you above, will afford you the opportunity to exercise your creativity. It will also allow you to relearn a few things. Remember that your guardian(s) are there with you, and they are also waiting for you to teach them.

Living in a wonderland is one of the most striking aspects of childhood.

A world of endless happenings and possibilities! But your peers are also in that frame of mind, so your challenge is to be an active dreamer. Most of your peers will gradually drift out of the space, but they will not have learnt anything from it.
If you document these metrics I write about, and you search for them in people, including your favourite celebrities, then you give yourself a reason to appreciate them. And if you read about how to be like them, then you teach your mind new tricks that will yield immensely for you.


If you’ve read until this point, then you are incredibly special—one of a kind.

Remember that celebrities have lives they never post, and so will you. The only difference is that they are in show business. They are in show business, nothing else.
The occasional turbulence comes to us all differently, even the so-called celebs, but they will never show you that. If they don’t face challenges, then they are AI.
Lastly, the metric of popularity is not it. Because someone is well known does not immediately qualify them in many other ways of life.
Don’t be a sheep that follows blindly—hard facts.
But this isn’t you, and you got this! Best of luck!


Keep well.


Thank you for reading.


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