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Hi there; I hope you are doing well.

I will admit I was not used to using ‘hi’ in any sense of the word in the past. And now I use ‘hi’ a few times, and the word no longer wears a masculine or feminine connotation that we’ve dressed it in. The poor word never chose any of this, this genderised meaning to it, and I will confess, it is pretty happy that ‘I’ decided to use it differently.

I need to confess that I don’t know why I chose the title I did. Nor why I should cease using ‘hi’. All I know is that I am under the influence of the hemp oil used in weed. I was hoping you wouldn’t trust me on this one; I am unsure whether hemp is the actual word to describe them. But I once met a guy who called himself ‘motho-wa-musi’ or ‘the smoke person’, owing to his love for smoking weed. In any case, I owe the use of that word to him.

So, this hemp has forced me to say hi quite frequently. And it has thwarted me into a land of obscurity like it normally does.

I should add that every human has dazzling capabilities; I had to say that. But also, every human has their own expression or frequency of life. And it’s all vast and full of expression. But it is insanely tedious to try and tap into it. You may need to be in near-perfect alignment with your whole body. So there need to be alternatives, right?



So that is why we should use weeds or marijuana products, right?
We should also learn about it, its early uses, and the names attributed to it. Yes!
Every region has its unique name and its own legend. Names carry meaning. They extend time.

Some cultures call it the god plant, others something else. Pharmacies prepare it in labs and sell it for a fortune as prescription meds. The world sells it in propaganda because division sows profits for the dividers.

It is clear, I admit to you again, I am a proponent of marijuana and psychedelics. In part because people exercise their volition to undertake things and follow their heart(if possible) to search for meaning.

I will admit, I love the world that weed throws me into. It is really fascinating. However also addictive if one has a weakness for it. But it’s a stylebender found in nature.
What? A stylebender? Are you not thinking of the MMA dude?

No, not them.

The stylebender in question is thee might weed plant. It’s durability, capable of bending to the shape and around your fingers—a stylebender of note. Thee weed!

I am trying to convince you that this is the truth. Hence words such as ‘thee’; in doing so, I am going back to English history and picking a term many people may remember. Hence ‘thee’ and all of that!

But let us get to the business end of things. The truth is that weed or psychs may need different dosages to work for people. Also, the consumption mediums may need to be different. Lastly, it may depend on which weed you consume or whether its oils are potent. In the final finality, please use it sparingly. Nothing kills a good time like overdoing it.


But if you ever find yourself overdoing things, then try and stop.

Try and stop, try-try, try-try-try and stop. Give it some sweet time.

But weed and psychs will keep you on the journey. I wish I could say the same for alcohol, but that is a far and vast topic for a teen audience(if any lurk here). Boohoo!




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