Life is likely not conspiring against you!

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Shh!! They are watching you!

I have recently suffered a dilemma, a strange one. And when it came, it struck me vividly. It was the first glance I had into the mechanics of life. It was the first moment I could assert that life was likely not conspiring against me.

It was a typical day at work, on a typical month of a typical year, and I had just arrived at my office. Immediately, I paused to greet my colleagues and waited even further to notice how I engaged with them in dialogue. But before that, I had decided to try fasting, just so I could add a boost to my vitality.
And it worked massively! I observed that I was more tuned in to observe the subtleties of the conversation, and I saw people for who they were.

If ever you have previously passed on the blame to other people, then you misjudged your own involvement in the event. People care about themselves, and so should you.
Work spaces are essentially nothing more than professional unless you are in a toxic space, in which case I exclude you.

It is largely true that people are concerned about themself. And that you can use to your advantage!

As the general population, we have made too many excuses not to do things. Like not to write, to afford life’s events full might over us. Stand up when knocked down sounds na├»ve, but it is practical; it also makes sense.

Today’s challenge is simple, pause and observe things around you.

Postponing, neglecting or moaning about things is easy but destructive.

The idea was to keep this post reasonably short.

The message today is to pause and reflect. If you still need to eat, then continue at that. See what fasting can do for you.

Sometimes we need not allow ourselves to lose entirely, because we can always salvage the tiny moments.

For me, work hinders my writing. It also contributes to my writer’s bloc. It is hard to write whilst deadlines and the big boss is staring at you.

But regardless of that, writing and entrepreneurship are my bigger missions; therefore, I will find a space and time for them. And I paused, thought, then came to that conclusion. Our task is to pause daily, ponder things clearly, and build a decision.

Even though it may not always work, it is still a fantastic quality to possess.


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