We are all nearly successful, but paranoid!

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Paranoia may have devastating effects.

Many people have stated that they once held specific images of how successful people are and how they think etc. They had a fascination with their minds, until they met them! After which many have expressed disappointment or some other revelations.

The underlying theme had been: They are just ‘normal humans’ with ‘normal thinking!’.

Well, obviously, that is true for most of them! But this post is not about dissecting what made them successful despite possessing ‘regular’ qualities.

This post is about assuring the readers that they are, in fact, correct to say that those people are ordinary relative to themselves. That implies that they see in themselves those people. Therefore their potential is similar.

So why do we tend to stay at the bottom when we are of the same material as the other top batch of people?

Is it our discipline? Our resolve? Our levelheadedness? Or is it due to the silly season?

Well, Maybe! I don’t know!

But it could also be that we are already nearly successful. However, the bridge to the other side can only take a certain number of individuals simultaneously. We could be successful, but our timing could be better. The location may not be ideal.

It could be a scope of things, but chiefly, it could be paranoia.

Paranoia could be frustrating our success!

For instance, We may think that people are conspiring against us and that their dark hearts have blockaded our passage to stardom. That feels stabbingly true when stuff just decides not to work for no other reason.

A character once wrote to me from Kenya, telling me to watch out for dark hearts eyeing me! I pondered on that for a while! But I ultimately deleted his email though; it wore down and felt useless.

Have you ever felt your computer is not working correctly because your transgressor is inside, telling it not to comply? Their spirit, anyway?
I have! I have many, many times!

They’re out to get you!!

I also come from that background!

In the townships, wizardry is a thing! And the stories are shocking! My grandmother has seen it all, from the dead levitating, to souls hanging around campfires on the gravesite.

The chief reason for believing her is because her story stays consistent, despite her loss of mental faculties. Also, she shares these stories vividly and sternly. Lastly, she is from the countryside, where people have evolved into alternate ways of life from urbanizers.

Although she was successful in her encounters, I, on the other hand, was paranoid about her stories. I remember vividly how she would table her narratives as a central authority in the home and how that would disturb my own imaginings of life at the time.

Two decades later, as a man, I still remember those trappings.

I call them such because they may trap a person’s progress in specific fields of their life.

As I have already explained, these trappings hinder my reflections when things go against me. They blur my impartiality! They are journeys of unlearning. On the upside, they remain fascinating but paranoia-inducing telltales.

She had a knack for storytelling. Also, she would tell us to wait at certain places at certain times and listen to the sounds of the night. In them, we would also come across eerie mutterings from ghost people. That was all during peak night. And those sorts of sounds induced chills and goosebumps.

Although logic/science may likely have an explanation, after all, anything material can be studied and explained, I choose to maintain an alternative opinion about this, although it bothers my paranoia.

Once, a granny used to shortcut through our home to reach hers. She was grumpy and extremely old. We would gauge her through the window and keep at that. Behind the garage, we had a low-lying pointy fence she would have to traverse to reach her place. And every time, she would, with zero assistance required.

That was a lady that could barely walk; hence her need for shortcuts.

But her true nature would manifest once she had disappeared from our view(due to the garage). That is my theory, anyway. My approach is that they are wizards, taking their secrets to the grave.

We would be warned that should we decide to study how they go about doing some of these things, then we may lose our eyes.

Later on, my grandmother revealed that she said some things to distance us from witnessing the vulnerabilities of elders. The distinction between youth and elders is tightly observed in our communities.

That has not only been my experience but also of members of my age in my community. It has been our collective experience, the first incidences of our paranoia-inducing states. All these incidents have also contributed to a lot of confusion in life, chiefly the question of how much of what we are told is truth or fiction.

Thanks for reading.

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