Peoples souls are now being sucked off of them!

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A human illuminated near the heart. Symbolism for the human soul.

If only we could breathe, then maybe we could dream again! Our souls are constantly divorced from our resolve, and as always, it remains our choice what we do about it!

In South Africa, we are amid the worst electricity outages in history, and the situation is deteriorating even further.

Yesterday an announcement came that we should brace for stage eight power cuts. Stage eight implies twelve hours in a twenty-four-hour day will be without electricity. A whole half a day!

Africa’s so-called ‘most industrialised’ economy may soon lose half a day’s worth of power.

Unlike the United States, we are not a diversified energy nation. And despite having one of the warmest seasons, solar harvesting has yet to become mainstream.

Power outages are called load shedding. And every day is load shedding day, every day!

It is a challenging and tricky situation. The reality is that almost everyone here is a zombie now, a soulless specimen. Even those that saw the glass as half-full have converted to half-empty paradigms.

In South Africa right now, the glass is half empty!

Why are people not investing in alternative energies themselves? Well, because most are overly indebted! Credit ratings are so scary that people simply avoid attending to phone calls anymore. Courts are full, and the verdict is that you can’t ask a poor person for remuneration when they have none.

Most people probably feel they should consult ChatGPT regarding which slumber they should wake up from.

What about the owed companies?

Some companies resort to purchasing people’s souls instead. They do so by constant payment reminders, inflated interests, blocklisting, auctioning and so forth.

I am writing this post hurridly because I suspect power will go off in an hour or so; that is what the rooster is stating anyway. Be mindful that I reside in Cape Town, a city once considered untouchable. A city immune from the ANC.

Due to these load cuts, Cape Town now feels like a small rural town. The people tend to also retreat to their castles at such times, further exacerbating the small-town feel.

Another reason is that this city is far from the furthest town on South Africa’s furthest edge.

On a human level, the city’s history and dynamics are worth noting. And add to that a high immigration number into the city, and then you come to understand why every soul has a temper in these streets.

People complain the most when hidden. And such people constitute the bulk of the city. In other words, the city may feel passive!

Those who previously could do can’t anymore due to changes in legislation. And those previously disenfranchised can tolerate almost any situation.

Ours is a country where the majority rule; that is, the conditions need to cater primarily for Black Africans. Not only are they the majority, but also the most vulnerable.

The city of Cape Town as seen from above, may soon lose half a day worth of power.
Therefore, People have to tolerate one another, and they must remember their capacity on this land.

So many people miss home, and so many have not visited in years! Many cite the socio-economic turbulence back home as the root reason for not visiting.

People’s souls have been divorced from them for some time, and they have ceased to remember what they once had.

For many that have left their native lands, toying with the prospect of living in a place of better opportunities is all they thought of. And once they reach their destinations, then all they remain are free agents in a new world.

But for most of the citizens who had never travelled, the plane is in emergency mode, and all aboard are too afraid to detach. The aircraft had offered them luxury and stability for a long time, but it had never promised to reach its destination.

So the first compartment to break on this plane is the lighting. So as the pilots struggle to manage the cockpit, ever more passengers grow into despair. People’s souls are hanging, which is not a good thing. Hence many have now semi-sold theirs.

But the soul purchasers are neither on the plane nor the state.

However, they know that the air vehicle is faulty and in critical condition.

Their job is to arrive at the scene immediately after the crash, which is when they will assess the damage and rid the deceased of their jewellery.
They call themselves the investors, but we call them the exploiters.

Fortunately, they can’t as yet take human souls. That is too evasive and elusive for them. By the time they arrived, the souls had long gone. They are waiting in heaven line for their next human subjects.

Fortunately, some of us still see the glass as half-full. Hence we are diversifying and working diligently on ourselves.

For the rest, their moods will continue fluctuating based on how the land is performing. They will continue reading the news and consuming the propaganda that I have learned comes with the news agencies. They will remember once in a blue moon that their life is theirs, but if they decide to do nothing about it, then their base vices will bury them once more.

Thanks for reading.

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