You are delusional, and it’s getting worse.

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This mirror gives an illusion of infinity in spacetime!

It is true, you are probably delusional, but it may not be entirely your fault. But your severe tradeoffs are keeping you localised, hence ever more delusional.

But before I jump onto this bizarre topic, kindly summarise the quote below.

“The universe is the wreckage of the infinite on the shore of the finite”— Swami Vivekananda.

The start.

It is no secret that humans live somewhere between finite and infinite. We like to blabber that although our bodies occupy a finite spacetime, our souls roar infinitely. But is this true? Was it ever true? That is one of our favourite delusions, which is accepted as a fact today.

But just because something is generally accepted to be true does not imply it’s indisputably so. Except for the out-of-Africa theory, could we please give Africa just this one victory? Thanks!

Most of us look in awe at the night sky. It is an abyss that is both frightening and calming, it seems infinitely vast, and it triggers sentimentalism in us. Although spacetime has left us cues of its nature, it has also failed to restrict our imagination. Therefore, we are recipients of a delusion, and we are speeding it off into an abyss.

The next issue is that there needs to be a jury in space.

We need a jury of space alien-people to redirect our course. Although we claim that we are infinitely intelligent, it may not be in our best interest to assume our infinite nature touches on the boundaries of the boundless.

After all, we are also incredibly delusional, which can’t be a very great thing. So our assumptions must be rectified by space alien-people. Unfortunately, we are still looking for them, and the further off they come, the better for our understanding of life. Therefore, the further off they come from, the better the cessation of our beautiful delusion. 

In another case, if we could touch the boundless, surely we should have picked up a few civilisations in the process? Unless you assert that life has no other civilisations? In that case, join the queue.

A family portrait of space creatures, i.e, an impression of space people.

Even dreams have yet to assure us of other space humans, nor that Elon Musk is likely to achieve in his quest to create the first batch of them. Mhmm!

Also, I have an issue, our delusion is getting worse, and I may know why! Fortunately, this time I can sample locally.

But before I commence, I must add that I do not believe that we are ‘that‘ infinite; it’s just that we can go on for a long time. What am I saying? The quality in humans that is considered infinite, probably isn’t! It just goes on for a long time, hence the delusion. 

Let’s just assume that a newborn human’s infinity goes on for a few million kilometres in all directions; let’s say two million.

But even that depth in spacetime is being watered down now due to our tradeoffs.

Meaning a child’s two million kilometres becomes lessened the very moment they become selfish, i.e. cry when they are newly born. From that instance on, they hold about 1.99 kilometres worth of space.

In other words, this element requires purity, a sort of tamelessness, but too much of that, and you may lose again.

Be mindful that you also lost a lot of spacetime when choosing your parents, which country to be born in, and what privileges to hold.

Conservatively, adult humans are rendering at about five hundred thousand to a million kilometres. And those are the relatively well-off ones! The struggling ones are generating at a deficit, i.e. negative one thousand or so. Meaning they owe spacetime.

Spacetime has loaned them life, albeit a miserable one, and they must pay up. Failure to do so will likely result in a rebirth. They will be reborn in another human form and will continue to do so until they’ve learned to pay their debts.

But to be fair, it’s a conundrum, an ugly one! Because regardless of whether you are at a credit or deficit, you’re still a pawn in a game. You are allocated moves and balances and cheques. To topple that, you are issued the grandest debacle; delusion!

So, in essence, your life is about questioning and experiencing mental breakdowns. 

Some people will say: eat, pray and love. Others would say eat, work and pay your taxes. But regardless of their sayings, they are all delusional. For example, some people are incapable of loving or receiving love, also some people may never pay taxes(ever), but all will suffer grand delusions in every moment of their lives.

The very idea that you’re incapable of love is one of Mr or Mrs delusion’s finest tricks. And I have no words for people who think space people want to abduct only the people around area 51.

Finally, to all you Crypto billionaires, the taxman is gaining ground on you.

Delusions are permanent hallucinations.

But, and I confess, I, too, suffer mighty delusions.

For instance, my delusions are from tradeoffs, meaning everyday pleasures. The worldly pleasures are instigators of strong delusions. We ask ourselves why we can’t achieve certain things, but before we even try answering ourselves, we are off to jerk off. Talk about the grand theft of energy!

But maybe not all is lost; perhaps all our vices are just nature’s way of challenging us so that we never achieve anything! And human lack of achievement is excellent for the universe because it allows it to redeploy us to try again in the next life; hence we get reborn. A new chapter of a pawn’s life begins—a so-called ‘clean slate’, marred by previous turbulence.

They proudly say energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be stored, and ours is undoubtedly stored!

All in all, this is how nature keeps itself busy; this is how it lives out its grand delusion.

Thanks for reading.

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