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The true tragedy of life is to love someone profoundly but unable to be with them.

These people come into our lives at various intervals and leave a big impression on us. These people may not necessarily possess all the qualities that drive our souls, but the few they have is addictive.

These people go by multiple names, and force us to create ever more names for them. It is hard to let go of them; even when we do, we occasionally break our oath. Because their gaze shone on us and brightened our hearts.

But also, their loss left a void; a portion of our heart is gone with them, and we will it so.
Life is accompanied by loss, but also faith and hope. Therefore, if we sincerely carry those we’ve loved and lost with us, then we can get some closure. We need to believe that nothing is ever in vain, and deep love forces us to accept such.

The story of love. It does not die
The sun says it all.

Faith, hope, motivation and desire are the tools we have to surmount and connect with any world we wish to.

We must understand that love is selfless, and it is not the law that the subject being loved must feel the same way about us.

We have emotions to show appreciation and affection for people and things; sometimes, that affection may resist wearing down.

Often times it will come down to choice, and rightfully so, but we will choose to maintain the memory and emotion that came with those we loved and lost. This does not imply that your current partner is less significant, not at all, but they also do not need all your attention all the time.

Having a past and choosing to hold on to it may be the worst aspect of being an adult, but there is hope to it.

There is space to mourn for as long as necessary, but mostly, there is space to reflect on the eventualities that led to the loss, and to grow from that. There can be as much growth in this field as you allow it to. It is done by sincere reflection on the lives and times lived with the subject. It is done by stamping the authority of your emotions on the field of life energy.

People find solutions when they are in distress, and that is true. For instance, a great loss may drive you to visit a spiritual dimension of yourself and try to find them that way. Usually, when there, immense energies visit your presence, and you may find yourself soaked in tears and reflections. You become a better human.
That person meant something to you, and you are acknowledging it. That is growth.

That may affect how you respond to people; you will value people and their stories. You also become connected to other people’s losses because you know the feeling. You become a spiritual person.

Our other dimensions have vastly different rules to this one. Some may not have rules altogether.

Affording yourself space frequently to find rooms and connect with your current and former self has benefits.

Firstly, silence connects you to yourself, and you also have a window to communicate with others. A significant loss may be suitable for your current relationship because it may recalibrate your lenses. You do not want to lose again. When you are in your corner, you are affording your partner space whilst doing the same for yourself. Both of you may be richer as a result.

A great loss reminds us that we can love and love again.

The love has always been inside us, and through those intense emotions, we can reflect on the qualities we love(d) in the person. With that being said, each person has their velocity; some people will require space, and some may seek to emphasize the qualities they love about their current partner. And finally, some may seek to manifest these qualities in a future lover.

Intense emotions are fantastic because, in most cases, they tell a story of a lesson learned. And depending on your perspective, an honour bestowed to the past lover. The best thing you can do for both of you is to grow and learn. It is to appreciate and outgrow the ignorance that led to the loss.

I also believe that worldly detachment is ultimately the best method, but each case is unique. Detachment may work for everyone because it connects us with one aspect of the nature of reality. However, memory should always be remembered, lest you wish not to carry it over to the next dimension. Because life itself seems to be a never-ending chain, and our next manifestation will depend on which vibration we harbour.

Finally, worldly relations may hold consequences which may transcend other dimensions.

I believe it is easier to detach when you have assumed the practice of doing so earlier. Because the older you get, the more counter-arguments you can make for choosing not to forget certain things.

We can love someone(people) indefinitely, which depends on how much they mean to us. Because even their memory alone may brighten us a bit, it may also hurt us deeply. I often find that a pleasant memory of a loved one is usually followed by the grief of their departure from us. Hence it is important to limit the frequency of these visitations. Not only because they hurt and teach us, but because there are people that also need your immediate attention, and since you chose to have them in your life, you should decide to afford them all of you. Remember, they, too, will be a memory one day, so we must strive to make it a frictionless one.

In this creatures previous consciousness, she was a human lady of epic proportions. But she used to wonder what it would be like to be green and almost formless. ALAS, she now knows.

We lose the ones we love so much, so finding ways to connect with them becomes crucial.

Because people will cease being in our lives physically, but not entirely. There are multiple realms and paradigms of life, and some will bring you closer to your loved one and a way that can accommodate all the loved ones you’ve had. There are dimensions in which your loved one never even left you. The question is, how do we bring that realm closer to us so that we can rest in its surety and improve our lives?

This dimension is not all there is, but just a speck in an ocean of possibilities. However, this realm is the most imposing and heaviest to carry. But just the understanding that this is not everything and the faith and belief that our loved ones are there with us is good enough to give meaning to this sober life. The next step is moving towards it.

The beauty of death is that it is unparalleled in its fairness!

It takes us all ‘home’ to the source. And what happens after we’ve transitioned will depend on how high we took our energies in this life: how far our consciousness saw! And behold, our loved ones are right there in that space. Because humans are more powerful than they think, and they can create things by thinking of them and holding that burning desire in their hearts. Nothing is ever lost!

As for me, I choose to hold a lost love indefinitely because it meant a great deal to me. And since I am still alive, I will love some more.

More people will join my family, and I will reconnect with them eternally. As I repeat, whether they loved you the same is immaterial; the next chapter of life does not conform to the laws of this one nor the conventions of love. It serves only the energy held.
At this stage, you should refrain from making assumptions about what the post-life steps will be like. Just hold the memories of those you love, and the transition will work itself.

Thanks for reading.

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