Re-Imagining a corruption free society!

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Every society runs on pillars that work in unison to achieve some clarity on the governance of the nation. The proof of this is everywhere!


But a pillar is not without its stressors, hence it seeks to fortify itself by being accompanied by other pillars.


The whole idea behind this is to say that weakness is better dealt with in larger numbers.


However, now the question is this: Now that there are supposedly eight billion people on Earth, ‘how much weakness have we managed to resolve‘?


It is evident that corruption[a form of weakness] is still persisting, if not on a larger scale than before.


So does this theory not work, or are we missing something?


I will bet on the latter. There is still so much that we do not know, and the little that we do know does not help us much.


There lacks critical data on how our ancestors lived for several millions of years on the Mothership(Africa).


And biased-science will tell you that people were primitive and/or ‘evolving into us’ for several million years.


They have lost their grip on truth and are no-longer the authority on several subjects.


They made themselves into a false authority, forgetting that the shelf life of injustice is very short.


They are corrupt, yet are credited across the world!


“Shallow knowledge like the one they preach will not stand for too long at the altar!”


Because knowledge is not containable, thus can’t be privatised or made into a secret.


Our ancestors, namely: Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens, together with their inner nodes of the continent had, at times, the most sophisticated societies to have ever existed on Earth.


Sophisticated meaning that concepts like corruption, fraud and greed did not even cross their minds.

Their societies worked on pillars. These pillars are some of the foundational inspirations behind religion.


The thing with the Homo root defined above is that they are ancestors to all of us – and they were born in Africa!

Today, in order for us to make sense of the world we must first retrace our steps.


Everyone of us came from the most beautiful continent ever known. The continent with the highest form of generosity.


Some of you reading this are the descendants of people that settled in your part of the world no more than sixty-thousand years ago. For many of you this date will be much much more recent.


Sixty thousand years for a species that has been around for over fifteen million years is a pittance.


That speaks to our education today in the world, combined!


Erectus had been on this Earth for one-million eight-hundred-thousand years. Today Erectus has undergone a slight modification that has produced us.


“The fortitude to live for that long is unheard of in Africa, where predators lurked at many corners.”


So it must be that large environmental homeostasis was happening throughout the continent at key times in history. When the need arose!


Today we can still achieve some homeostasis with our environment through certain practices.


It is this stasis that I refer to. Moments when corruption trickled to zero, when words held truth!


It is much harder to find human universals today than in a much earlier time. It is greed and envy(amongst others) that has led to this.


It is also this loathsome competitive culture that the media throws at us excessively.


Competition can be good, and it has always existed in Africa, probably at all variations you can imagine. However, in carving out that path we(our ancestors in us) discovered other methods of living that were much more viable.


Sapiens have been around for an estimated four-hundred-thousand years. Deduct that from fifteen million and you soon discover just how small our period in this life has been.


“But as I have already mentioned, Erectus and us are not two separate entities. We are a morphological singularity.”


By evoking the spirit of Erectus we will be able to tap into their/our secrets around the governance of corruption free societies.


Inside Erectus lies the spirit of Habilis. Habilis is also the extension of the earlier Australopithecines. This trail leads all the way to our divergence from the Pans.


Orangutans are also descendents of a lineage from Africa!


Africa did not own all the primates found in the world today, true!


However, it is the earliest home of all of them and their kind.

And when these primates where evolving elsewhere, they were doing so with a blueprint already established on the Mothership.
They were being extensions.


The pool of our biology was already vast upon their arrival. Africa is being too lenient not to take all of it back!


Every system today goes back to Africa; the same for humans, primates, pans, monkeys, lemurs and all their kin worldwide.


We own the technology, the infrastructure, science and innovation because we started it all, set it all in motion. So be proud!


“If an image of Africa as a dark-skinned person irritates you then know that the wound I have just described lives inside of you.”


It becomes your issue to grapple with.

Africa is a continent of unparalleled magnitude when it comes to the evolution of Anatomically modern people.


We are a museum on no match! We also forge a lot of naysayers; true as well!


But the education system will slowly move to a more Afro-centric approach to things, particularly on Human governance. Because the secrets are there in the open; so they’re technically not secrets.


And they look like Africans today, or perhaps they are.


Do that thoroughly enough, and you might just get a glimpse of what a corruption free society truly is.


Shap fede.


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