The challenge of mental re-calibration.

The challenge of mental re-calibration.
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The issue with this society is that it takes living to unnatural lengths.

It breeds scarcity!

It attempts to take us away from a large world with enough sustenance for all.

It kills the mathematician, the enquirer who can put together one and one to derive at a conclusion. It negates their answer, whilst prompting them to try again.

Try again at what exactly?


People can no longer dream, they can no-longer feel as though their minds are valid and that’s the worst type of taxation.


They forgot hore/ukuthi that which they see is truth despite being in disagreement with some people, most notably the decision makers. SOME PEOPLE OF WHOM ALL THE DECISION MAKING IS ENDOWED UPON!


And its to our own fault, because we are the those decision makers, yet fail to harness our own intuition, our own lead.


We forgot to align, or to redesign the sphere of energy. It’s ours, though we act as if it’s not.


Contrary to what is out there, excessively competition is not natural, moreso as one ages!


I am writing this for the first time without a text editor | grammar checker, and it is liberating. I opted not to renew my subscription.


Text editors make language robotic, mechanical and inhumane. And they are not terrific at what they purport to do!


Yet they are branded as ‘AI’, as though AI can solve problems that do not exist, unless those problems are deliberately created. In which case I say ‘those who will, will participate’. Not you, nor I can talk them out of it.


What I am saying is that we get ourselves muddled in all this nonsense only to raise our disapproval after years down the alley! And so much has been affected until then!



Who out there is breathing today? Least we forget to do that!


Forcing anything does not come natural to me, and I am aware that some may misconstrue that to say that I am probably not fit for this game. Contrary!


It is not about fitness. It is about timing, or the times that we find ourselves in, and how we can navigate them[with our minds in check].


Hence I say that what does not come natural to you is likely not your type of natural.


Compete for what?

With all the love in the air, the alliance, the affiliations that matter, why should we be competing?

Why should you be competing?


Would it not be easier to expand the mind and gain understanding of the forces that be, which decides what the status quo would be and how one would have to maneuver it?


Everything has to be sold, that is how capitalism works, fair!

Much of what we consume is not necessary, but its engineered to be appealing so that you perform thee most unnatural act of all; consuming what you do not need!



We consume that which we do not need as though the registry of our bodies can easily discard all this material.


Before you know it, your limbs won’t be yours.

This system is not okay!


But there is space is in for us to work in.


Remember the model on opposites, and how they make room for each other. The same is true for us.


Let us think, and let us act decisively. Remember to be, just be, else you will be frustrating yourself unnecessarily meanwhile your foundation was beginning to shed new light!

It will be hard, as I, for starters am considering that big purchase of that unhealthy fast food that we’ve all come to know so much of. At this rate they are poisoning the masses, yet we still queue for hours for the fix.


With that being said, I have decided against it, a less harmful but equally as tasty treat will do.


Why am I calling them treats? I don’t know, it is a word that fell on my purview, and I failed at challenging it!

Like many other ‘things’ in my life, I have not given it priority! Nor can I! Best for you to understand it as an inability of some sorts, though not quite.


But, that is not what the point of this writing is rooted on. Notice how I never dwelled on a topic|point for too long. Because life needs to move and make room for other ideas and inspirations.

And dwelling is akin to carrying weight that no-longer serves your purpose. It must be discarded.


Not to say it won’t happen, or that it may not attempt to destroy your mind at times.

It will!



Keep that movement going, do so to destabilize the foundation of rot. Of an event that you perceive as evil. Keep it at arms length.


It can’t thrive where there’s movement, because that is where solutions and vulnerability lies. It is you that is searching!


The searching appears as incessant movement, and that is one strength that can work if we can understand it.


It all links to mental re-calibration.


We have to be that for each other. In the end its all tied to the source[which is speaking in various ways, well, one of those is before your eyes].


This is not some other ‘text’, its a festival of writing and expressing what is just, with you, my favorite gang member to topple it off.


Love you all!


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