Technical issues.

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Hello everyone; I am aware of the current technical issues with the website. I am working on ways to manage them better going forward. Chief amongst them is the page load speed, which I have noted and am working to resolve.


In no order whatsoever, among other issues, are links not loading correctly or pages not showing as they should.


Some of the measures I have taken is to file all the documentation necessary for Facebook to grant users access to their SDK. For example, I am using Facebook APIs to give you an app that collects your posts and builds a profile based on them. This app is complete but under review by Facebook, hence the temporary delay in accessing the pages. It is one of the reasons why you may be met with “This feature is currently unavailable. Facebook is currently unavailable on this app since we are updating additional details for this app. Please try again later.


The above issue is under works, and the page should be able to load sometime this week.


I am also aware of the business feeds that aren’t updating; I am also looking into it.


Lastly, I am aware that RSS feeds are not showing on the countryAnalysis app that I published a while back; that issue I have placed as a lower priority for now. New updates are coming in full swing for that program; therefore, all my resources are channelled that way.


I am also currently building a project, which I am at the cusp of concluding. It is a new feature, and it’s a professional card builder. I am keeping it simple for now, but updates are inevitable.


I am restructuring the business case and working on priorities. Selfli was built to offer people tools to help them make informed business decisions, and to do just that is what should materialise.


As soon as this app and the profile builder are working as they should, then I will focus on upgrading the working RAM to handle these new resources as well as an increase in visitors to the site(s).


Lastly, I would appreciate it if we do this together, so if you’ve ever felt frustrated with the site, then I apologise. I also ask for your patience and understanding.


I am ramping up the number of services offered and the diversity thereof. Please keep with me, because this business is for the people.


I am very aware of the user experience, although sometimes I am so overwhelmed by work and fail to address the issue firsthand.


Amazing, amazing upgrades are coming; stay put! 😉
Apologies once again!


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