Apologies for the extended break.

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Hello team.


I thought I should take this opportunity to apologise for my absence from the scene. I had to detour and ride along the web development freeway. The destination here was a Facebook profile builder, and the travel duration took approximately a month and a half. It was tiring, sure. However, it required the quality of persistence above all else. Not persistence from the exhaustion but mainly from the bumps on the way.


  • I had to make amends with:
    1. Internal server errors,
    2. rejection from Facebook APIs,
    3. duress from debugging and logging,
    4. and the discomfort of having to compromise.


So, although today I can see the target, I have come to understand that the actual one is neither here nor there. It’s a constant movement. And in the blink of an eye, something might break, so I bestow my apologies in advance!


As of now, I have decided to publish that website as is, but I still have a pending review from Facebook (whom I am using their wheels to drive) for approval. They have promised that they should be done in two days.
Cool; therefore, I should be writing in between then. My people require new data, and I need them!


The story of business, like many others, requires a proper mindset, which is born from want and desire. Because this journey is tedious, so you better depend on something.


As for now, I am back. However, as per my last post, it may be temporarily, as I struggle to juggle between writing and web development. However, I am still on the lookout for a shark that will grab this task by the horns and run with it. That way, I, too, can release a single hand from the steering wheel.


But until then, it’s an either-or type of relationship. I’ll be absent and present at the same time. My biggest objective is to release new software that solves issues. Blogging is mostly a cherry on top.


However, I also understand that some people visit this website for blog posts alone, and for that reason alone, I must ensure that this space is written with a sound mind and with honesty and care for the reader.


Thanks. Chat soon.


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