The day two-or-more made one

The day two-or-more made one
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A Father and Son were arguing as usual. The minor argued that he(as he described himself) is his own man, and he said that this truth trickled to his last essence.


His father, on the defense, was arguing that all that he owns(the minor) is owed to him.

‘All that you are, in your entirety, is by me, my blood runs in all of your veins, and my DNA in all of you’-He asserted.


Well, that can’t be true; the boy rebutted.


I owe half of myself to you, the other to my Mother. And the creator is stern on this rule.


And above that, I, through what I eat, believe, and do with my body, also created a slight deviation from you and Ou-lady(Mother)-he continued!



The problem with arguments is that you cannot prove your point entirely over your opponent’s. Therefore each party resigns with the assumption that what they said is the absolute truth- the boy added.


Today is fascinating because it’s sunny and bright, allowing for expression and jovialness. So on this note, the father and son called a truce.


However, something had bothered the boy before this. How could the neighbours say that I look like my father? It is said that I have his eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth, and on other days, his stature.


Are they contradicting themselves, or is there something between me and him that I refuse to see wholly? He pondered!


I have always argued that one plus one equals three, whereas my father has always assured me that it can sometimes equate to one. My Mother and Himself had me, two individuals, to create one(an image of himself), he said!


Could there be truth to what he said? My neighbours often call us twins; they say we look like brothers. And they appear sober to me most of the time!




He continued…

During the break, he retreated to himself and continued to search. There is folly here; it just does not add up. How can fifty be a hundred, and a hundred fit into fifty?


He was now tense, and his demeanour changed slightly.


He fell across an article written in obscurity. It highlighted the importance of self-reflection for those searching but have also found. It assured him his hypothesis was true, although it did so indirectly!


Here’s how it unfolded. 

One plus one equals three when adding objects together; nothing new. But a Humans DNA is NOT an object. It is a code and an open one at that. 


And it permits overwriting!


It has the same openness that is promised to us as citizens of the world who understand that democracy and embracing everyone can only lead to strength.


The same openness that says that there is diversity in numbers, the will of the creator is to see people loving and embracing one another.


And not divided against their will to serve an agenda which they need help understanding.


And the truth to this is seen in Birds, Sharks, Buffaloes, Lions, etcetera. All call the natural world their home. Birds fly over border fences with utmost impunity. And God enforced that freedom of expression in their DNA and ours… And so read the article!




An exciting read, he uttered!

He now felt as one would imagine Einstein felt when he had his euphoria. He understood that now he had to be a teacher because knowledge is meant to be coloured and serve humanity. This is the code.


Now, putting one and one together, he felt ready to challenge his presuppositions and forge an understanding with his father, and man in which, until recently, he thought he knew better than!


It is a strange world; I often hear similar remarks when I visit my maternal side.


It seems people have an uncanny discernment for whom I belong just by looking at me. The data is there, clear to see. No half obscurity owed to my paternal lineage, no half anything!


I am fully my mothers and my fathers. Both have contributed one hundred per cent of themselves into me, and that one hundred is compressed into fifty. Think of DNA as a Compact Disc(CD).-He alluded excitedly.


And so it was, that all that you know, your Mother and Father already knew as well. And it is within plausibility to say that their ability to discern is equivalent to yours but rerouted to a different path.


If you were in your father’s shoes, then you’d act precisely like him, to ninety per cent certainty. The apple falls near the tree most of the time. Unless the story is changed


Throw yourself into the abyss, and you might just slightly divorce yourself from your father. But this can never be the case, according to those that truly know you!


This is also true for your Mother. A Father and Mother should be used interchangeably in this regard. Since they also have a similar gene pool.


So the day two or more made one is when we realised that humanity is a spirit of collaboration. It’s in our DNA. Africa, Asia, Australia and surrounds, Europe, and The Americas all have contributed meaningfully to the story of Humankind.

And that DNA is written in all of us. Hence many made one.


As the boy stepped outside to enlighten his father, he learned that He already knew much of this. Because he grew up in the same environment, to the same educators.


But he nodded in approval, just to reassure the boy of himself. And their tale lived to see another day. 


And that is where the tale of a Father and Son ended.




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