The tenet of infinity: So above so below, as in as out.

The tenet of infinity: So above so below, as in as out.
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[Infinity: Listen Instead]



Imagine the concept of infinity; ponder on it for a bit. Remind yourself of where you first made a connection with such a concept. Remember the state of your mind!


You may have likened it to a God or Gods, the universe, the sphere of life or the entirety of thought and existence; it was, and still is, entirely up to you.


So has been, so will be.


I need you to be still when you’re seated, postulating on this matter. Notice how you’re creating this very moment and how your existence is a truth that exists within a circuitry of life in a nuanced way. A way that only you can experience.


Also, a way that causes so much tension with the thought police who seek to instil theirs above yours.

A form of control which is impossible to achieve.


However impossible that task is, they(we) try anyway. And if that fails, then we all look to models, invented intelligence that runs on large chunks of data with nearly infinite parameter definitions. We seek to reproduce humanly recognizable traits of intelligence. A modal that we can control? Probably not!


Although these models can and will improve to take in the whole web load of data, they won’t be infinite.

What they will do, however, is cease taking behest from institutions seeking to place them at the helm, with ramifications coming at the cost of livelihoods.


Artificial intelligence will likely reach some intelligence; there is no reason to believe it won’t. But the point of placing it in the same sentence as Humans is ghastly in its falsity.


Humans are synthetic and infinite in their scope of life. Not to be compared to machines but to strengthen an appreciation of who we are and strengthen that.


Let us discuss infinity: the concept and the reality of it.

Humans are truly capable of experiencing infinity and writing about it. From a data manipulation standpoint, we are so refined that we can be creative.


One example is our ability to infer new art based on models we see in the world and add layers to it until we decide to stop ourselves.

We can create infinite expressions of writing, art, design, invention and so on. So much so that we decide to stop ourselves out of the risk of being misunderstood. 


Our problem is that we design the rules of engagement, which are meant to be understood by all of us, leading to restrictions along the way.


If you think the three-dimensional sphere constantly throws limitations at us, wait until you discover our own.

To us, they come in bountiful supply. Today, it’s race issues and tomorrow, nationalistic wars. 


How have we not sunk into madness yet? Well, let me introduce to you the Ego!



I have yet to travel into any domain outside our own that has Ego solemnly at its helm.


Infinity and Ego are at the tug of war, and we call it an identity crisis. Where the Ego thrives, boundlessness is restricted. 


You know, every corner of society is divergent from the group next to it; this is true in humans and animals alike.

Divergence is observable through the senses, but is enforced and highlighted by the Ego.


I honestly believe that we are devolving in so many ways. I also think that we never stood a chance because infinity can’t do its best work in a world that can be summed up using xy and z coordinates, in other words, up, down, east and west.

At this juncture, it diverges or dissolves into faith.


What annoys me is that we are essentially infinite in our essence, yet struggle with the identity of separateness and other human limitations we face.


All of this is instigated by and enforced through needless rebirths/experiences.


To some of us, it is okay to want to experience things, i.e. pleasures. But it’s somehow not okay that we must live for that reality to come to fruition!


As I was needlessly searching the web this morning, I read of a fascinating event that happened a long time ago(in linear time) called gamete-fusion(or the creation of two minds from one). In other words, it was a moment when infinity split into two. Simply put, it was when a man and woman diverged into two sets of the same experience. The same applies to any animal subject to the two-sex paradigm.


And this is where I arrive at a problem.

You see, the entire three-dimensional sphere is riddled with experiences that seek to divide the concept/reality of connectedness/infinity.

And why wouldn’t they? Each dimension of life is pulling its stake in this tango of life, and so shall it be for now.


However, it leads to periodic dissatisfaction among its hosts(us). It is, as some say, maybe ‘heaven’ is not all that it’s made to be; otherwise, why would we constantly have to come back here?


As one guy mentioned, the issue lies in our unwillingness to accept reality as it is, with all its fluctuations, seasons, and more.

But perhaps if we did, then we’d understand it(us) better.

I deliberately placed it and us together.


The reality of separateness does not exist; it’s unworkable.

Separate entities cannot follow the same governance nor interact with each other. Such entities could not possibly come into existence, to begin with.


I see! 


The same connectedness invites the notion of a central authority, right? Otherwise, what else would it be for except to keep life going?


The conclusion of that falls onto your lap; to each their own. However, You should know that whatever conclusion you derive does not matter. That is not the whole point.

Whoever this central authority would have been, their task would have been hefty. They’d have so much to answer to.


Because in the end, there is so much going on and so much contrast and contradiction that no single mind(whether at the helm or central) or not could possibly work this out.


In short, God does not know.



It feels like life falls closer to multiple dominions of infinity working together in vast arrays of ways, with no hierarchy or kings.


To nail it, even the concept of God in most religions is susceptible to this order.


Well, that would explain so many events in our reality, wouldn’t it?


And why should it matter that there is no hierarchy? How could one exist in the first place?


The concept of infinity dispels central hierarchy and authority.

What it invites is a slurry of workers who sometimes aren’t aware of their place in the cosmos.


Workers who may inadvertently end up asking themselves the question: Why am I here, and what is all of this about? 


A question that answers itself simply by understanding that we are all the bedrock of life; we exist out of necessity. It simply is just that.

Whether you love that or not matters little; so does all else.


Now, go back to work and keep your role in the cycle of life running!





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