Our ancestors: Why we evoke them!

Our ancestors: Why we evoke them!
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(a) A kettle disconnected from the socket cannot boil water.

(b) Sheep removed from the fields cannot eat. Sheep atop cement cannot eat.

(c) A motor vehicle deprived of petrol/gas cannot move.

If all the afore-set conditions are true, then why should it be any different for us?


We view the world as a continuation[continuum]. So it is, so it has been.


According to us, nothing dies[decays]; death is imaginary. Instead, what happens is that life expands(I will explain shortly). 


Continuations are very simple to understand, but first, rid yourself of any classroom education you may have – These two sets of knowledge are incompatible!


Indigenous knowledge seldom fits well with school education.

Contemporary education is a misfit because it needs to learn how to better handle knowledge from around the world.



This man is likely not from your culture, but you could learn a lot from him. And that's the whole point of Education(at least it should).
It’s unlikely that this man comes from your culture. Despite that, there is a ton that he can teach you. And that’s the whole point of education(at least it should be).


If the world is a puzzle then current education solves a mere ten percent of it, or less!

In other words, education is not holistic, and that is problematic!


In other words, the education we are being taught disregards the wisdom of our forebears. This is why concepts like ancestors or the expansion of consciousness are deemed paganistic viewpoints.


But paganism is not a bad thing, you see!


Not only that but it is built into us; it’s our root.



As I explained, if you understand what I am saying to you right now when I assert that we are a continuation of our predecessors, then you quickly realize what the implications are.


Some of them are that:

  • A human being does not inherit fifty percent of their DNA from each parent; instead, both parents each give a hundred percent(total amount). The bodily system has a way of regulating how everything works. But in a nutshell, We are a full extension of our predecessors. We can also heal everyone because we have the same DNA. Your parent’s trauma can be closed by you!
  • Everyone that has ever been born is still alive today[in us], although they have undergone slight modifications(evolutions), which is the whole point of life. So you’re reading through Homo Naledi‘s work as we speak. I am referring to you as Homo Heidelbergensis, of course.


  • Life is continually expanding. The concept of the Big Bang is neither here nor there because what we today call atoms or microelements are, in fact, the previous universe having shrunken down due to our own expansion in consciousness. So, where science says that everything is made of atoms, we alternate by saying that atoms and their cousins are a complete universe in themselves. A universe that has since shrunken to make room for a larger one[hence the so-called bang]. But there exist other universes smaller than the atoms; they predate the atoms.


  • We derive everything from our surroundings. To us, nature[the environment] is endowed with all the tools we will ever need. Even the tools we fashion from our minds are derived from natural stimulants. (Can it be any other way?)
  • We believe in the tenet of infinity; we invented it. So above, so below. The inward and outward worlds have exactly the same magnitudes in spacetime and together create a singularity, which is you.

And so on and forth!


This is Homo Naledi - I will admit though, I have shaved quite a bit!
This is Homo Naledi – It is me – I will admit, though, I have shaved quite a bit! Dear Heidelbergensis, please take this opportunity to look yourself up. Thank me later!



We love our ancestors so much. They are our ascended selves. We embrace them with all their deeds because we understand that lessons come from both the good and the bad.


We do not perform ancestral worship, nor will we ever do! We perform ancestral recognition.


The good and bad are part of the plurality(polarity) that encodes the earth. They’re aligned, but one can be more common than the other.


People usually misconstrue our rituals to fit their worldview, creating divisions that undermine human progress.


Human progress is shared(as per our model), and it must be incubated in a sea of understanding and mutual respect in order to thrive.


Our lived reality involves evoking(talking to) the ancestral plain and communicating with it/them directly. 


They will respond in multiple ways, usually connected to our state of mind or the environment that we are in.


Here is how mathematics came to us(amongst many other ways).

  1. It came as a study of our harvest time.
  2. We discovered it through the study of menstrual cycles.
  3. It appeared through the numbering and counting of livestock.
  4. It became clear through the observation of the star system.
  5. Through equinoxes – when new seasons brought changes to our bodies and minds. It came when the change in river volumes spelled new alignments with the environment and the essence of the society that reveres the water as the essence of life. 

All of the above require mathematics, from simple to complex.


As for our ancestors, they will show you what you have asked for, although they usually show you signs thereof.


You must be receptive in order to receive. Obviously!


For further indulgence, look up Credo Mutwa or listen to the audiobook on BlackRoots science, amongst many-many others.



Follow this analogy: You have a mirror at home; it shows you who you are and reflects you back to yourself, right?


On certain days, due to factors neither here nor there, you fail to see yourself despite looking. But on rare occasions, when aligned to yourself[could be after fasting or other forms of meditation], you notice subtle distinctions about yourself and record them.


Later, you also notice them in others and establish a theory on people, which you introduce into your rituals and chants.


Being who you are or what your culture has allowed, you orate what you know, and you birth Sanusis(conveyors of indigenous knowledge) who, as time passes, will be appreciated worldwide for their bookkeeping of ‘fairytales.’.


That is how the world perceives our knowledge today. They have completely misinterpreted it. And we are here to set the record straight.


Our ancestry comes in all colours. This is essential for the story to complete!
Our ancestry comes in all colours. This is essential for the story to be complete!


It comes to me twofold: 1. They understand us from a ‘Western‘ viewpoint, while we come from any other angle. 2. They call themselves the ‘new world‘ with ‘new knowledge’ despite there being no existence of such a thing.


Our knowledge is the foundation of the world. One way to prove this is to study the following homo species:

After doing so, come back here with what you found. Your task is to highlight what they all had in common and draw from it.


There is a continuity in our forebears, and there is also the shared environment. Why should it be any different for us?


Mediums are not only an African phenomenon, though they are a daily occurrence here. 


Religions revere people who lived long ago; they form the central themes of their books. Yet they will tell us that they don’t do ancestral worship.


It is a moving target, yet consistent.


We evoke our ancestors to tap into the wealth of knowledge that they have ascended into. 


Rather than appropriating what we do, we ask that the world first assume a mindset of appreciation of us, and all will solve itself.




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