The twelve cards we play!

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I have always afforded astrology a question mark; I have perceived it as a random generator of supposed human fates. That was true until it predicted me correctly a few times. Once it did that, I expressed immeasurable happiness, and when it got the nitty gritties of me, I became bewildered.

I have always maintained that the best Astrology can ever do is to get us some of the time since I considered it guesswork.

However, when I became attentive to the details, I discovered that it was simply too accurate to be a bluff. Plus, it is fun to amuse that the stars are dancing and coordinating themselves in a fashion that influences one’s fate, even if it’s just some of the time!

Statistics should not always matter. In this instance, they shouldn’t at all. Think about it, a detailed analysis of you is determined by looking at the alignment of stars and some background info, i.e. date and place of birth. And from that, an energy archive or storage is tapped into that runs a person’s life story! That is bizarre! And to all those open to this, there is fun here as well.

Heck, even if it had us one percent of the time, it should not be able to describe our dark cat that refuses to eat on Fridays!

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The details are so startling that they are not a coincidence.

When I was younger, I used to take sides, allowing people’s views to be mine. Today, I am more careful. Even when I inevitably take a stance, I do so begrudgingly unless I can tap into its energy, hence grow from it.
I must add that I used begrudgingly a moment ago because my star asserted that I am a reluctant person, but I can take any stance so long as harmony is maintained. Yes! That is me; at least, that is who I’d like to be!

One reality about astrology reports is that they seek not to discourage people but the contrary. Hence, they can be an amazing source of comfort and growth. Also, they may be spot-on about who you are. They offer something! If you are a disagreeable person and you encounter a detail about yourself that is not factual, and you dispose to disagree with the entire report, then you have proven its point nonetheless. How? A part of horoscopes is to define a new ‘you’, not always to predict a historical you. So, every time it gets or misses you, it still shapes you. It gives you material that certainly works you out!

The twelve cards.

The idea behind twelve is the number of horoscopes that exist, also the number of characteristics that each carries.

Combined, we possess about a bit of each scope, so we play them depending on the situation.

But, and I may be wrong, your horoscope normally gets you more than the others. Besides, it is yours! And we love things that are ours! Which is why you are such an individualistic person.

So, even when you play one of the cards which speak more of you in that particular month, it is also vital to restraint from using the one that truly defines you, or you’ll lose it. That one is you; it is yours. You should study it on certain days, which may improve your life!

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