The micro worlds we create.

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Quantum worlds are scientifically proven.

Just a disclaimer, I may be completely unfactual on this post, and this may not be for your taste. Also, it is highly opinionated.

Many people look at the world as a complete system which is established. It seems like a world made of stuff that works and doesn’t. It is big and appears to have a constitution of some sort.
However, although its study remains subject to individuals, it still may be false. Most importantly, it may be that our world is uncaring and is concerned with utilising us as labour in its construction.

What am I saying? In the last sentence, I simply state that if life is a subjective experience for every individual, then life is sabotaging us. It need not be that way, but it is!
But then again, on an individual level, there is so much volatility, the ups and downs we endure- the painful memories we live with-and, the trials we must go through to maintain something that we may not even own forever.

We are akin to pawns born to produce in this mysterious reality, and die, leaving it all behind!

We go through a lot individually, and often our trials are very isolated. So they are subjective in the greater discourse. At least, it seems like they are, considering they seldom resonate well with other humans or inspire their help.

Lifeform may be a selfish entity! Particularly when considering that it has an uncertain ending. There would be some comfort if we knew what happens to our entities post-life. In this post, I will not discuss the possibilities of the afterlife being whatever we make of it; I may write that later if you remind me in the comments section.

What I mean by life being selfish is that it involves a lot of work and obscure remuneration. Life consists of trillions-upon-trillions of micro-elements doing work, premised on a constant flow of energy. The sheer scale of work being done on an energy level alone is mind-numbing. Subjectively, it invites a lot of questioning!

It is incredibly important for the human story that the energy field of life is indefinite. It is likely infinite, but indefinite is good enough; it is also conservative! It seems like life will always birth life without a particular reason. All that matter needs to do something! Freedom is the key to it all. Freedom is fun!

Watch: Understanding the quantum world on Amazon here.

Life may be life elements having fun with little regard for consequences; it may be life elements rediscovering themselves and expressing themselves via consciousness.

I suspect that the world’s high human population is lifeform’s insurance policy. I consider that we(humans) are its prized possessions. We are the beacon of what consciousness can be but are still not there yet. But in us, a microworld is created and maintained via a conscience, an entity severely unbeknownst to our other entities. Also, an entity that we value dearly.
Maybe even an entity which we can bargain with against lifeform itself. An entity we may call our own(an amenity of some sort). But also one which we share with lifeform.

We will continue being the labour of a grander existence and holding subjective experiences, aka microworlds. That is just life; it is just life!

And people’s disagreeableness just emphasises further the futility of a joined experience. Fortunately, we can compromise and prioritise, therefore build mini clusters of synchronicity or jointness, mainly at home and around people we love. The power of love!

Also, fortunately, despite our disagreeableness, we still have an audience that can listen to or read our work, like you; thanks!

Thanks for reading.

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