We are amending new social contracts, but no new options!

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We are amending new social contracts frequently, but no other options seem available for people to adopt at first! 

The keyword today is equity; we all want it and demand it.

Equity is about equality in spheres of life. People want freedom, the ability to fail and try again. To reach a place where they discover their truth, peak when they do, or lead mediocrity! To play with the spheres of energy, for instance: manifest, meditate, OBEs, hallucinate, Lucid dream, etc. 

Out of body experience(OBE).

Only liberty can indeed lead to the achievement of such freedoms. Therefore, freedom builds more freedom. And people want that, and they deserve it! Equity may institute freedom which leads to freedom, which is why it’s essential.

But things are not necessarily that simple because life has other people in it. Other people with whom you share on so many levels. Therefore on the question of equity, how can we ensure that it is inclusive for all parties?

For instance, gender equality is essential, but it may not be comfortable for family dynamics.

Primarily, Men enjoy the quality of being men, a portion of it being to lead. Whether they lead a family or an organization, they want to lead. And this quality may or may not have been reinforced in them for centuries.

So these men need new options. Sure, let us all rally and support equality; I agree! But we should also understand what evolution has shaped us into being. For instance, many men have stated that respect is the most important aspect of their relationship. And historically, some men had it through the systemic subjugation of women. 

However, that system was cruel to women, and it undermined the incredible potential that they have. Women can virtually do anything a man can. Therefore for centuries, the human race was functioning at only half its potential.

But for centuries, DNA had been imprinted in both men and women about the conventions of life and the union between them. And for centuries, both parties led that life, although it was likely very uncomfortable for many women.

I estimate it to be the other way around for men of those times.

So, ascension often benefits a single party. Historically men, but recently, mostly women. And that makes sense and should be the case. After all, the atrocities inflicted on women were unspeakable; never again should a species internally inflict damage on itself that way.

Today life is generally upward, relative to yesterday, of course. Life is doing well, but not great! 

There need to be more options for men whose trajectory is stagnating. The consensus remains that women and children must enjoy the lofty positions enjoyed by men, mainly white men. But it has not been decided how these white men should behave when such new contracts are passed.

Even in a frictionless system, we can’t deny that equality needs new agencies. Yes, people should endorse it, but we should all gather and discuss new terms and conditions. Otherwise, things will fall apart one way or the other. 

Imagine a family consisting of parents that earn the same and are the same before the law; who has the upper hand there? The need by many men to have the upper hand is natural. So they must decide amongst themselves how it is to be. I suppose men should start exploring softer ways of leading the home if that is where they find themselves.

The liberation of women has been ongoing for centuries.

The biggest issue with the previous system is that it did not recognize women’s voices, but now it does.

On the same note, men should understand this and decide how they are to structure their families, note structure. It can be done by being mindful of what you are looking for in a partner and emphasizing qualities that will keep you and your partner happy. The same is true for women; they can choose their partners! That is why equality is beautiful, but it should come with new rules!

Maybe the new rules in this era of equality are learning mindfulness and picking people in a sea of cowboys/girls. Because some men are only happy when they are respected and can lead. So it starts with them learning to lead themselves and inviting suitable people into their lives. Those are the new options that they have.

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