The twenty-five percent peculiarity!

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Twenty-five percent or a quarter!

Can you imagine what life would be like if everything was isolated from the other? If objects carried only their quanta and characteristics, meanwhile sharing a space?

Think of a distinct object, say a vehicle, and imagine a two-vehicle collision, divorce human subjects from these objects. If these cars collide, do they exchange material? Even though they are both done for, have they morphed into each other in subtle ways?

The likelihood is that they haven’t, which is a tragedy since their material will likely be recycled and reused, leaving their legacies largely forgotten.

Hence machinery will never be comparable in that sense to organic matter! Because had it been humans that had collided(please divorce any microbes that may suffer as a result of this collision), then plenty of other material, largely unknown, would still be exchanged.

The two parties would complain about it endlessly, and a few relations may die! Well, a portion will die at best!

So, why am I mentioning this? 

Because of the twenty-five percent peculiarity! That is, at minimum, humans are connected twenty-five percent of the time. A twenty-five which can’t be separated!

That is our shared foundation, a part of everyone similar to the other person’s. Maybe even of the same cloth, a shared governor!

However, make no mistake, the minimum twenty-five percent shared has different qualities. For instance, we could share a skin colour, ideals, an environment, a history, etc. Any of these are enough to register some commonality in us. But they are not the same thing, necessarily!

For instance, biracial individuals tell a history of interaction between Black and White individuals. Turkish people paint a transition from melanated skin colour to a lighter one. Human behaviour paints a similar origins story, etc. 

All of the above are a few instances of a shared story. And all should seek to empower all parties. 

I confess, twenty-five percent is a made-up number; our similarities are likely higher. But, that number is also conservative, i.e. less prone to attacks. It is also a number that is worth defending and justifiable.

For instance, the fact that we have five senses, are bipedal and are members of the great-ape clan already satisfies the twenty-five percent minimum requirement.

However, some people are more capable(at some points in their lives) of atrocities that others may find difficulty in doing! That is the human dynamic! A peaceful life typically induces softened individuals and vice versa.

The human pelvis contributed heavily to bipedalism.

But that is life, meaning life is doing that to people, in various ways, of course!

But life is also a chain; therefore, although some two stories may contrast today, one hundred years later, they may become similar. I mean that once two individuals of the same time pass on, history will judge them similarly. One idea is that history will likely essentially forget about both parties, therefore, passing them a similar judgment.

If life judges two people of contrasting behaviours the same, then life is saying that; either our acts are of very little consequence in the greater order or that humans are creating terrible mistakes, and these are devaluing us all.

Another reason that life is a chain, is that a child of a criminal may be a criminal, but their grandchild, not so much. Like DNA, people’s acts water down, even in the family. So a chain has different characters, and so do humans. If you compare a wealthy family today with a not so wealthy, then there will be noticeable differences. But take their tenth grandchildren (therefore tenth hook in a chain), then the stories might be different. All in all, the human family dynamics are comparable, all things considered.

Life is a chain, it is chainlike.

The most apparent reason for twenty-five is that the human chain is not straight. Therefore, not only are we more alike than we think, but likely also related.

The typical family tree model has loopholes because it expands until it exceeds the number of total humans ever to live. Which would make zilch sense!

Meaning that we probably share several ancestors down the line, notice several. Which may explain why you love my writing so dearly and why it makes sense to you. 

Twenty-five is a law of life that nature guards against; it is a fundamental commonality that must suffice for life to function, i.e. interact.

The other seventy-five is disputable, hence our wars on race, nationality, resources and survival. This seventy-five is necessary for the purpose of distinction. You can define yourself only in relation to other people. Therefore, you are somewhat you!

You are also somewhat you because you need people’s grace to survive; every single grace you can scoop. From anyone!

The twenty-five percent peculiarity is a strange phenomenon worth defending because it sort of makes sense; it kind of works. Also, how would one dispute it? It is simple, find any form of commonality between you and your rival, i.e. the ability to use words and speak; with that alone, you’re pretty close to satisfying the twenty-five; it’s that simple. Its bar is relatively low; entry to it requires an open mind and someone willing to have fun whilst exploring similarities in life.

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